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Experience with SonicOS firmware

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Experience with SonicOS firmware

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I am running a TZ500W in my home office and upgraded in January to the Advanced Security subscription (from the "Comprehensive Security" option) to leverage the CaptureATP option.  Of course, I came to find that this option is only available in SonicOS 6.2.6 and higher.  However, there is no Generally Available version of this firmware yet, at least for a TZ500 class device.

Does anyone have any positive or negative experience runhing the latest firmware which is an "Early Release" (Nov 2, 2016) but has more downloads than the most recent GA release which is (Nov 22, 2016).

Appreciate any guidance.  Thanks in advance. 

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  • pthawley,

    Unfortunately, I have no information on Sonic OS installed on this computer. You can call Dell Support at the link below.

    Dell Pro Support 

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