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Wireless driver installation

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Wireless driver installation

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I tried installing wireless driver WLAN 1510...n this driver was supporting my OS.as i started installing it opened a pop up notifying"this self extracting zip file is a part of a multidisk zip file.pls insert the last disk of the set..with an error code 110

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  • Hi Mitesh Nahar,

    Thanks for posting.

    Please include your system information as well as the operating system so that the experts here can answer your question. 

  • Feb 22, 2017 after Windows 10 1607 build had a malicious software removal update and and Adobe flash Windows 10 1607 update. I lost internet connectivity. I have Inspiron 3521 w/ Dell Wireless 1703 network adapter. I have ran all Dell diagnostics like MrVirtual listed. Restored to Jan 25 after Feb 22 attempt.  Uninstalled all the drivers. The original wins 8.1 that I upgraded Nov year before I have managed to do all the tricks & bring her back online. Not this time I am going with Rockstar Yip on this only fix is the drivers restore to Win 8.1.8 or 7 depending on your upgrade. I have search deeply for the Win 10 drivers & inf files that were in there before this upgrade. I know they are in the ISO rebuild I am gonna do as it is my only last resort to fix. I even lost my AMD drivers. I managed from the command prompt to reset release renew ipconfig , flushed the DNS. Even turned off the Firewall private & public . Nothing. Even the OEM.inf once connected to the network adapter & realtek controller are all defaulted back to my win 8.1 drivers. They seem to got dumped over in migration & the WinSxS directory's. Tip's point is they are there deeply embedded in the Windows 10 RS1 (redstone a.k.a. Anniver. Update Build 14393. Mine is 14393.693 where the locked preinstall key is UEFI BIOS embedded system. Makes sense , do the an ISO rebuild from System Info Go to Internet Settings to see your Windows 10 Ver 1607. Sounds rather simple just read the Don't Do This. I found his insightful logic from a simple Google search ...My Dell 1703 adapter not working Lost my internet connectivity. Maybe he can transpose here his HOW TO DOWNLOAD a Windows 10 RS1 REBUILD. a Bootable USB is my choice & will create the file too..

    I will let you guys know tomorrow how that goes. As I exhausted my every resource I used in the past with similar missing / embedded deeply / jumped the track is what I call it. This Windows 10 I just don't know for I love my Google Chrome stuff and I go around and around trying to keep that utilized. Lol that was a joke. I am a die-hard D.I.Y. fixer. & Resourceful yet do not possess the savvy Tech skills A lot of you fellas have . . Amazes me. Good luck to us all. I like my Dell Pickles this is my 11th , make great family gifts, hence why I am up to 11. I love HP notebooks & Toshiba satellite notebooks are my next two favs. Built a hybrid from Toshiba motherboard & HP quad HDD & RAM etc. She finally got the drip screen. Still have them all, broken but they never really die .

    Have great weekend everyone We will get our networking going soon. Go Team Go. TannT