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Wireless continually disconnects

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Wireless continually disconnects

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System Configuration:

1. Dell Vostro 3460

2. Window 7 64 bit

3. Wireless adapter : Dell wireless 1702.802.11b\g\n (Driver : Atheros  communication inc Ver

I have installed all necessary drivers but the connection disconnects every 5 mins. I cannot connect even using a LAN cable. 

I have changed the power settings from the device drivers (Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power) but the problem persists.

Kindly help

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  • Hi sachina,

    Please let us know how often the connection is lost. Also make sure the distance between the system and router is not more than 30 meters.

    I suggest that you update drivers in the order given below:

    BIOS: http://dell.to/V82sio

    Chipset: http://dell.to/TrXooF

    Wireless: http://dell.to/YtPyBH

    While flashing BIOS, do not use the system till it restarts and comes up to the desktop and please have the Ac adapter connected to the system as this needs uninterrupted power supply. Restart the system after each driver update.

    Thanks and Regards,
    DELL-Sujatha K
    Dell Social Media and Community Professional
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