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WIFI problems on Dell xps 15 L521X

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WIFI problems on Dell xps 15 L521X

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I got my Brand new xps 15 yesterday, It works fine, looks great, I'm overall satisfied with it. (even though it gets warm all the time)


Problem is, the WIFI doesn't work well at all, I'm 2 meters from my box right now, And I'm not experiencing any problems, but as soon as I get upstairs in my bedroom, my signal speed drops significantly, I can't even load a youtube video, I was downloading a game from steam yesterday, and the dl speed dropped to 6mb/s!! That's awful, If this problem can't be fixed, I'll be returning mine, and won't buy any other Dell product, I don't see how a laptop that pricey can have that kind of problems. ( because I heard I wasn't the only one, a lot of people have the same problem)


Anyways, if any of you have a solution to fix my problem (Like a Bios), I'd be really grateful.


Thanks !


(sorry for my english, I'm french)

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  • I got it working!

    First and foremost, speed will always get down when you get away from the modem - we have to admit, that it does it more on these systems - compared to other laptops or other electronic devices.  So having that clear, I had updated the wifi driver to the latest one from 2014 and I was experiencing the mentioned issue, reading the things people have tried I decided to DOWNGRADE (ROLLBACK) the Wifi driver to an earlier version.

    I did this going to the adapter options, driver as the image shows.  HOPE IT WORKS FOR EVERYONE because this is a good machine and so sad that the design issue has affected all of us.

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    4. Intermittent Connection and Wireless (Wi-Fi) Signal Interference. ...
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  • Hi fritefighter,

    Welcome to the Dell Community.

    I am really sorry to hear that your Wireless connectivity has an issue.

    Dell is aware of customer feedback regarding wireless performance on the L521x and L421x.

    We appreciate the information customers have provided us so far, and have been using that information along with our own methods to determine the scope of the problem and potential root causes. Please feel free to continue to let us know about specific feedback regarding wireless performance. We have no updates to share at this time, but when we do, we will update this thread and others we find on the topic. Thank you for your patience.

    Thanks & Regards


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    Thanks and Regards,
    Harish R
    Dell Social Media and Community Professional
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  • WOW ! Thanks for the fast answering !

    Problem is, the Software you gave me isn't valid, it says it can't be 'retrograded',

    Plus, I'm experiencing difficulties, following your instructions, Cause I don't succeed in Chaging my windows 7 langage, I find the section to do so, but it always shows french ... Could you help me ?

  • fritefighter,


    Did you recently install/reinstall the operating system?


    Try these FRENCH Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235 Bluetooth DRIVERS.





    What is a Dell Service Tag and how do I locate it? 



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    Welcome to Dell Community!

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  • No I haven't, should I ?

    I have not done anyting with my laptop yet, Only things I've done: change wallpaper,  Download 2 games on STEAM, and download google chrome, I highly doubt this could have affect my wifi reception

  • fritefighter,


    What virus program came with the computer?


    What virus program and firewall are you currently using?


    Places to look to see if your Connection is enabled Cold be as simple as pressing Fn and F2 or F2, even the switch on the side on some models.





    What is a Dell Service Tag and how do I locate it? 



    Original poster, If you have solved your problem, can you please mark the correct thread(s) with your solution. Thanks 

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  • In fact i also have this issue with my WIFI and so do many other L521x owners, i have resorted to returning my system until the problem is confirmed fixed. There is also a CPU throttling issue on some models. It is most likely a bios fix and will be solved soon, but to just be safe i didn't want to count my chickens before they hatched. Other then that i love the system i just cant over look it.

  • I'm Using Macafee

    I mean it's a shame having this kind of issues on such a system, I was looking for something effective and good looking and I didn't want to buy apple at all, And you guys came with an stunning alternative to the macbook pro, It's a shame it has such ridiculous problem. :(

    To Dell employees, I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow and won't have my laptop for a week, I won't be able to send it back, or find out if there's a solution.

    -do you know if such a technical problem is included is the standard warranty ?

    -Do you know when the bios would be released ?


  • Other problem, I'm having is that it seems you can't use the SSD as a normal disk

  • When I spoke to tech support the xps warranty covers basically everything from accidental damage to other issues with the system, they said that they would exchange my computer, and said that the new system should work. As this issue is common for the system I knew that the exchange system will most likely have it also. they assured me that Dell computers go through testing before they are shipped, I then went on to say that I believe it, but if the issue was detectable by their standards it would not have arisen in the first place. That is why I am returning it.

  • So you can return with no problem (even after 7days) if you have this problem, right?

  • With any XPS system you have a 21 day trial period in which at any time within 21 days from the invoice date (shipping date) you may return the computer for a full refund. After which if the problem is eventually fixed just order a new one, but they will tell you that they recommend exchanging the system for a new one, at which point when you receive the new system your 21 day period will be up and they are guaranteeing the profit from your computer. I personally returned my system for the fact that if the new computer had the same issues in which it probably would as it seems that is a consistent issue with all L521X systems i would be able to return it. Dell does in fact give you a one year warranty for their systems and guarantee that they will have it working as advertised. They will replace the parts until it works. I personally did not want to take the risk even though i love the design and the idea of the system, its just that its new and the bugs need to be worked out.

  • But before you return it you should definitely talk to tech support, they will most likely say its a driver issue and in your case it may be so just check and make sure that their is not any other way you can try to resolve the issue. If it is only 7 days from the shipping date you may be able to start the exchange process, and what i am telling you regarding the warranty is for the US  i am only aware of the US because i am a United States customer. I noticed you stated that you were French if you are in France i suggest contacting Dell support in which you should call them any way to troubleshoot your issue. And please don't quote me on this you should always contact customer support for information regarding your system as i am not able to speak for sure on these topics.

  • fritefighter,


    Try looking at the firewall settings in McAfee. This says it's for printers but gets you to the firewalls settings. Allow a printer past McAfee


    Some members have uninstalled McAfee and their connections worked.





    What is a Dell Service Tag and how do I locate it? 



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  • Hi Dell_Harish_R ,

    I'm among the users having WiFI issues with the new XPS 15 L521X - tomorrow is day 21 for me, last day to return it -  and I noticed that in one of the steps in your possible solution you say the folowing:

    "In the Property: box, click Wireless mode and select 802.11n"

    Well, that option doesn't even appear in my menu. (and yes I have the Intel Advanced N 6235 with the proper latest drivers for my service tag installed, I have the latest BIOS update, and have a modern dual-band gigabit wireless N router).

    The only 6 options that appear in Device Manager > Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235 Properties > Advanced > Wireless Mode are:

    1. 802.11a

    2. 802.11b

    3. 802.11g

    4. 802.11b/g

    5. 802.11a/g

    6. 802.11a/b/g

    There is no 802.11n option in the Wireless Mode section of my Intel 6235

    Does that seem normal to you?

    I'm also experiencing a weird issue with the Bluetooth connection - when I first boot the computer or reboot, when my Dell Bluetooth Travel Mouse connects the cursor jumps all over the screen and tracks very sketchy. If I turn the mouse off and then back on again, the problem is resolved, but this certainly indicates a gltich with the L521X and Intel 6235, because I have several other Dell latpops here that I can use the same mouse with and not encounter that issue (a Studio 1558, L502, and L702).

    All 3 of my other laptops (the Studio 1558, L502, L702) have Intel Advanced-N 6230 wireless adapters in them, and they all have good connectivity / speed. In fact, the oldest one - the Studio 1558 - has excellent connectivity and speed. And yet the brand new L521X with the Intel Advanced-N 6235 has connection / speed issues. Even when the signal says "Excellent" with 5 bars showing, it's 5 times slower (at least) than the other systems mentioned.


  • Is there a good reason why the below was moved from this thread, where it also completely belongs, to a thread only about 502x and 702x wifi?

    Can you please refrain from completely disrespecting the facts and concern a paying customer is voicing?... that'd be very mature and professional of you...

    Taken from a deleted/moved posting by a moderator *below*

    "notebookreview has a forum on this issue 500 pages long.. with the failure in design of the last XPS 502 and 702 series you would think Dell could get the new 521x correct and without another nightmare for ignorant customers that trust dell would't sell them something that is more of a problem and waste of time, energy and money than it is a solution...this does not give  me hope for Dell...

    The consensus (with input by Dell agents) at notebookreview forum is the wifi issue is a design/hardware problem and it "should have been caught" during the design test phases... once it again it hasn't... and now it's a new nightmare..."

    Posted in this thread, then moved/vanished to another thread... really telling of the motivations here...