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No Internet Wireless Connection On Docking Station

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No Internet Wireless Connection On Docking Station

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Hello everyone

I am using a wireless connection via router to access internet at home. When my Dell Latitude E6510 Laptop is not on the Dell Docking Station and I'm using as just standalone I can access my wireless connection easily, no problem at all.

However, when I attached my laptop to my Dell Docking Station, I can not access my wireless connection. The wireless connection is found, but when I click connect to network, I get "Windows cannot found network". When I remove the laptop from the docking station, I find the wireless connection and connect perfectly and it works normal.

I am using Windows 7. I can connect to internet with straight wire going to docking station easily, but no wireless connection found when laptop is on the docking station.

Any help please please. I work from home and use the docking station for two monitors for doing my job. I have struggle with this problem for two weeks now. I don't see anything on the docking station that's preventing me from access my wireless connection.

Thank you kindly for your help and effort. Any comments?

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  • Hi there,

    found your post as I am having exaclty the same problem.

    Work gave me a new lattitude too and when out of the docking station the wireless is great.  But when in the station sometimes it just about finds it, but then it drops, or I cannot find a connection.

    really frustratin me too for a couple of weeks now.  If you get any feedback that would helps I would really appreciate you passing it on.

    thanks in advance.