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Problem with Dell Inspiron N5110 Wireless Network Adapter

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Problem with Dell Inspiron N5110 Wireless Network Adapter

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Hi there,

I got myself a new dell inspiron n5110 about 2-3 months ago off the online dell store but as of the last month I've had serious issues with internet connections. The problem is is that when connected the connection will be either slow, cut out, won't completely download files, or just lose connection completely. I know it is not the internet or router because I have tried my lap top on 5+ different access points from home-work, etc. I think it may have to do with the laptop not providing enough power to the wireless networ adapter but I'm not sure. I;ve tried reinstalling the drivers multiple times, disabling/enabling, troublshooting but so far I've found no solution. If there is any more information you;d like me to provide, please let me know, and thank you for taking your time to review this.


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  • check your firewall and your anti-virus

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  • hi daniel, i have similar problems with  the same laptop. did you solve your issues? if yes can you help me please? thanks

  • I've got my laptop 3 months ago, same model ... First 2 months it worked very well, bu for the past month i've been having the same problem and can't  find the solution. Please help!

  • Hey there, sorry about the late reply. Basically the bluetooth adapter was interfering with the wifi adapter so that was causing slower speeds and disconnects. All I did was go to device manager, right click on the bluetooth adapter and I disabled it. I haven't turned it back on since then, because I honestly don't use the bluetooth, but now the net is back to working seamlessly and trouble free. I hope this helps!!

  • Which wireless adapter is installed?


    Places to look to see if the Connection is enabled


    Start, control panel, networking and sharing center, click on your connection, click on properties. Look for TCP/IPv4 and TCP/IPv6, then click on properties. Make sure your settings match mine.

    Intel® WiFi Products — Power Save Polling (PSP) causes connection issues with some access points






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  • thank you! it seems to work now:D

  • hey daniel

    have been havin the same probem as urs. new n5110. jus bought it 2 months ago n now the wireless doesnt seem to be functioning properly. i see its a pretty common problem wid this model as is evident on other forums n no one as been able to achieve a solution yet. have tried disablin the bluetooth, but that doesnt help either. can u guide as how to go about it now



  • Just wanted to let everyone know DCHURCHES solution of disabling the BlueTooth device worked.  It must have something to do with N and G routers.  We bought our daughter a Inspiron 5110 for Christmas. I set it up here at our home where we have an N capable router.  It worked fine for her on Christmas Day.  When she took it home it would connect to her router which is a G router but as soon as she tried to open a web page the router reset.  After reading DCHURCHES post I walked her thru shutting off the BlueTooth and voila - she is off and running online with no problems.  Here are the steps she used:


    1. Click Start icon

    2. in search box type "device manager"

    3. press Enter

    4. In the Device Manager window click on the Bluetooth listing

    5. Right Click on the device that starts INTEL Bluetooth....

    6. Click on Disable

    7. Click on OK when it tells you that you will not be able to use bluetooth devices if you proceed

    8. Close the device manager

    9. Connect to Internet via wireless


    Hope this helps - Thanks to DCHURCHES - you saved Christmas as she was getting quite frustrated!

  • well i tried. jus as u wrote. but nothings changed. the internet still disconnects when m workin n the speed is so variable. and my router is a a n router

  • besides disabling the bluetooth & Wimax go into your

    1.Power Plan settings.

    2.Select "Change plan settings"

    3. Select advanced power settings

    4. Go to Wireless Adapter Settings > Power Saving Mode and set "On Battery" & "Plugged in" both to Maximum Performance.


    I finally think that this has worked.  When I first purchased my laptop I disabled the bluetooth & WiMax since I wouldn't use them.  Then on my power saving settings I put everything I wanted/needed to max and it worked great until 5 months ago my laptop screen died.  Best Buy sent it back and replace it and formatted the hard drive and put all the settings back to regular.  Ever since then I was having this same problem with the slow and intermitent wifi that everyone else is having.  Since then Best Buy has sent it back twice, and I sent it back 1 more time to dell.  NONE of them did ANYTHING!

    I had completely forgot about these settings, now I realize why my wireless had intermittent speeds.  It would depend on whether I had it plugged in or not.  Ever since I got it back from Best Buy the first time I think my "On Battery" setting had been set to "Medium Performance"

    And to think I was just about to give up and flip this darn thing on eBay this week.

    Any ways do what I said at the top and hopefully it should work fine.

  • I've had problems with this for almost a year. Had the tech support team try to reset the computer to factory specs several times, tech came out and replaced the 1030 adapter, which didn't help. finally, the tech came out again and replaced the 1030 with a 6230, and it works mint. If you're still under warranty, get the tech out and have them install the 6230.

  • I have a 3 week old 17R, delivered with the 1030, and a tech installed the 6230 2 days ago SOLVING ALL MY PROBLEMS!  The 1030 is junk in my opinion.

  • Turned my computer on today and cannot connect to the internet via wireless or via LAN.  Tried all the troubleshooting advice and nothing is working.  In the Properties screen for the N-1030, the device status says Cannot locate load the drivers for this device Code 31.  Could someone please help?



  • I am having the exact same issue. Have done the following but Dell Support merely wants to call it a software issue:


    Turned off Bluetooth,

    Ran update Driver,

    System restore to a date before issue.

    System recovery.

    Uninstalled antivirus.


    disabled and reenabled in control panel.

    NONE OF IT WORKS and Dell Tech support insists the problem is software. How did you convince them to send the updated board 6230?  I am at the end of my rope with this 3 month old Dell and frankly I and my friend (owns it) have sworn off the brand because of this issue. 


    ANY help would be greatly appreciated