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problem with WiFi switch on E6500

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problem with WiFi switch on E6500

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I've been having problems with the WiFi switch on my E6500.  It will be fine, I will have a good internet connection, and then I'll shut it down at the end of the day.

The next morning when I turn it on, even with the WiFi switch in the correct position, the status panel in the upper left corner of the keyboard won't show the WiFi icon on.  It's not just the light in the WiFi icon not on, the WiFi isn't working.

Is there any way to turn the WiFi on using a function key?

If not, what could be wrong with it? 

Usually by shutting down and restarting and moving the WiFi switch on the side on and off, I can eventually get it to work, but it's worrisome.

Thanks for any help.


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  • Fn + F2 on most Dell laptops turns on/off the wireless.

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