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Intel My WiFi Technology adaptor not available

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Intel My WiFi Technology adaptor not available

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 I have a Inspirion N7110 laptop and have had an issue where my wireless internet connection fails.  I then diagnose and  get a message that my "Intel My WiFi Technology adaptor is not available"  It seems to fix the issue with the message " Intel My WiFi Technology adaptor is now available".  This will work for a short time then the same issue.  It is very inconsistent, sometimes with no issues for a few hours others happening every few minutes.  Dell attempted to help but could not fix the issue.  I have done a driver update search through Intel and it states they are up to date.  From my research, it appears this is a common issue possibly some kind of issue with Windows 7 updates....

Anyone have a fix for this or suggestions ?



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  • Jim,


    Start, control panel, device manager, network adapters, Microsoft Virtual Mini Port adapters and adapter#2. Double click on each, then power management. Check the box allow Windows to turn off this device to save power. Then the adapters will always be there. Unchecking the box seems to give the missing adapter error message.





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  • The problem I stated above still comes and goes. But now a new issue with this has come up. The adaptor not found issue has gone away UNLESS I unplug the laptop and run off battery power. The minute the power cord is unplugged, the adaptor issue comes back and only works again if you plug the power cord back in and run the troubleshoot program which fixes the issue. Any suggestions ?