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Fluctuating Signal Strength

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Fluctuating Signal Strength

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Hi guys

I have recently bought an Inspiron 15R (N5110) and i'm having problembs with it's ability to connect to my home wi-fi network.
When i sit less than a meter away from the router it works fine, i will get 4-5 bars of reception. However when i move into an adjacent room no less than 5 meters away from the router the signal will fluctuate between a full 5 bars and a minimal 1 bar of signal strength. The speed of the internet changes with the signal strength and is unbearable. When i move 10 meters away into another room it loses signal altogether.
I do have other (older) laptops that recive signal just fine even beyond the 10 meter mark, so i cant blame the router.

I have tried ringing dell only to be told to ring my ISP, only to be told they couldn't do anything about it.
I have fiddled with router channel settings and also tried to update the Intel Centrino Wireless-N 1030 network adapter to no avail.

Any help or insight is greatly apriciated
Thanks, Ryan

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  • Ryan,


    I usually recommend using these Recommended Wireless Router Settings, I use channel 11.


    I suspect that maybe one of the antenna wires may have come loose. Instructions can be found HERE. 

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  • Thanks for your help Rick,

    I went through my router settings and matched all i could however nothing changed, my signal is as inconsistant and unreliable as ever.

    As far as the fix suggested, i dont think i have enough faith in myself to open my brand new laptop to fix something that should be in proper working order anyhow.

    I have since tried to re-install the network adapter driver still with no sucsess.

    Thanks anyway, Ryan