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Dell Inspiron 14R WLAN Card Disabled

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Dell Inspiron 14R WLAN Card Disabled

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I have a Dell Inspiron 14R running Windows 7 64 bit. I have had my PC from this past November; about 7 months.

I was using my PC, and suddenly, I started to experience wireless problems. I was unable to get onto the internet. Other devices on my wireless network are able to log on to our network, although that is irrelevant because my radio wasn't picking up anything at all, when it always had from that same location. The connection worked fine using an ethernet cable. After the problem occurred, my Targus Bluetooth mouse also stopped working.  This is what I have tried:

  1. Going into Network and Sharing Center, disabling my network adapter, and then enabling it again. This usually does the trick. After doing it over 5 times, it never worked.
  2. Doing a simple system restore. I attempted restoring 3 different times to an update within the last week, each of which failed (probably another issue altogether).
  3. Re-installing my WLAN CARD Driver, and then restarting. This didn't solve the problem.
  4. Checking the Device Manager. It reported that the wireless card was running properly.
  5. Using the DW WLAN CARD Utility. It says under the Link Status tab, after Connection Status, Radio Disabled. I tried right-clicking the icon in my Notification Area, and then clicking Enable Radio. It then shows an alert saying "The WLAN card is still disabled. Use the wireless switch or hotkey to enable it." Pressing Fn + F2, which is also supposed to enable the radio, did nothing, with no action or sign whatsoever from Windows. I also tried running tests under the Diagnostics tab. All hardware tests passed, with the Connection test giving me this alert again: "The WLAN card is still disabled. Use the wireless switch or hotkey to enable it," and then failing. The same thing happened when running the CCX Client diagnostics.

What should I do? The problem is obvious that my card is disabled, as all signs point to that. Does anyone have any ideas on how I could fix it? I've tried everything I know, not to mention countless Google searches.


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  • Hi,

    Welcome to the Community. On the Inspiron N4010, use the F2 key to turn wireless On or Off. Use Windows Mobility Center in the control panel to check the status of the wireless connection.

    Thank you


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  • Hi,

    Welcome to the Community. On the Inspiron N4010, use the F2 key to turn wireless On or Off. Use Windows Mobility Center in the control panel to check the status of the wireless connection.

    Thank you


  • I was completely over thinking all of this (as usual). Thank you so much; it enabled my card and wireless now works fine. Thanks!

  • Mine is experiencing the same problem. I tried pressing F2, disabling the wireless network, uninstall the driver and install again, but of no luck. This is just working fine, after installing the software from juniper it wont work anymore. I tried unistalling the software but doesnt seem to work anymore. any word of advice will be greatly appreciated. thanks

  • I had a customer last night with the same issue. Same laptop 14r (n4010). We did a factory restore on the laptop and it did not get the card working, (it showed up but wouldn't see anything) so we ended up sending the laptop off for service to have the card or motherboard replaced.

  • I have been dealing with this for three months now. I have already sent my computer off to Dell and the wireless card was replaced. They also sent a technician out and replaced the antenna in the monitor. The thing won't stay connected. I read somewhere that it is related to a windows 7 update a few months back. Anyone else know about this?

    I can't get anyone to fix it and now I noticed they stopped selling the machine. I expect they have figured out they can't fix it either.

    Any suggestions?



  • just make sure on the wireless settings only those is loaded:

    1. Client for Microsoft Networks

    2. File and Printer Sharing....

    3. QoS Packet Scheduler

    4. Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)

    let me know if you still cannot connect.

  • walkerad,


    Places to look to see if your Connection is enabled


    Hit the Windows Key and the R keys at the same time. Type


    REMOVE THE PRODUCT ID and post the rest of the information back here.

    or an ipconfig /all log and maybe it will reveal something.





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  • i tried the way you said, still its not getting connect. the bluetooth symbol appears but not wifi.

  • Hi,

    I  m using DELL INSPIRON n4010 model and os that wifi is not working,while i m trying to install the wifi drivers it showing no supported  hard ware for wifi.

    please can u provide the solution as early as possible




  • I am experiencing the same issue with my Inspiron N4010. The network card has disappeared from the system devices. After a reboot, the network connected for about 15 seconds and then went away. I had the system devices displayed at the same time and the network card also disappeared when the network went down. The card worked fine until today. What is the cheapest route to fix this?

    Also note the sound has come and gone over the past year. It is not working at the moment. It would be nice to fix both, but will the cost be greater than buying a new laptop or tablet?

    I can't say I will ever buy a Dell product again. These laptops seem to only last a year or two. Even my more expensive work laptop which is less than a year old has had its motherboard and hard drive replaced.

  • I stayed on this and finally got the problem fixed. It was a broken clip holding the network card. The motherboard had to be repplaced. This was after they replaced the network card and the screen (antenna in there) but now it works like it did before. I suspect it may have been jarred since my daughter used to take it to classes regularly. Now she uses tablet for that purpose. I did not pay for anything since the warranty was still good. I do feel that the new products probably have moved past this problem with newer components. We have good luck with other Dells.





  • Hi Royan,

    Thank you for your information... I was very disappointed due unable to use wireless and i am keep on format my C drive and install newly windows..

    However after i use F2 its totally working.. 

    Thank you so much..

    Best regards


  • Hi Royan,

    Right now  my F2 Key not working. Is there any other way to turn on my Wireless devices?? Please help me

  • I have same issue, in windows mobility that option is greyed out. diagnostics stated hardware is good. Is card bad or daughterboard? all connections are good. Pressing F2 does nothing. Radio is disabled and wifi option is greyed out not allowing me to use F2 to control that radio.

  • Replacing the daughterboard fixed the issue. The sound and network are both working again.