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Ethernet cable lights, (dark orange - upper right, flashing yellow - upper left) - no connection; no local wireless connection on belkin router, but other wireless connections.

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Hello - When I try to connect a Dell Inspiron 1525 to my modem or router with a LAN cable, I cannot.  The small lights on the LAN cable socket are: upper right is dark orange, and upper left is blinking yellow - very evenly, about 10 times, then missed a couple; then repeating.   On another laptop, which works, the upper right light on the cable connector is green, and upper left is blinking yellow- irregularly, like data is being moved.   I suspect there is a problem with the Dell adapter, but diagnostics seem to indicate "working correctly".

When I try wireless, I cannot connect to my router, but can connect to other wireless networks.


I suspect 2 problems - one with the router (the wireless part, since a cable from the modem to the router then to another computer allows internet connection); and the second with the Dell laptop, with the steady orange light on.


Any help?    < ADMIN NOTE : Email id removed per privacy policy > or < ADMIN NOTE : Phone no. removed per privacy policy > please.

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  • I don't know if you are looking at your laptop upside down or not, but look at the back of my D620 laptop with a working Ethernet + internect connection, the upper Left LED is solid orange and the upper Right LED is blinking yellow.

    my Dells:
    Optiplex 3020 - Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
    Precision M6300 - Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
    Precision M6300 - Ubuntu 12.04
    Latitude D620 - XP Pro SP3