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Cannot see network on docking station

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Cannot see network on docking station

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I have a Dell Latitude D420 & Dell PR01X docking station at home & at work. All of a sudden, when putting the laptop on the dock, it won't see the home or at work. You can unplug the cable from the dock, plug into the laptop and it pops ups right away. I can't believe both docks went bad at the same time. Any suggestions? Thanks,

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  • Ktrim,


    With the laptop in the docking station (either one),  look in the Device Manager and see if it's listed under network adapters.

    If so, try updating the drivers for the available Lan adapters and see if that works.

    Also look in the Network Connections applet on the Control Panel and ensure (while docked) that the Local Area Connection isn't disabled.

    Also, do you see a the link led lit when you plug the cable into the docking station Lan port?

    This is clearly a configuration issue as it's highly unlikely that two Lan adapters on 2 docking stations would fail at the same time.



  • Silas,

     I try to enable it in the Network connections, but it says  connection failed. The LED light is very intermittent. In device manager, I'm not sure what I'm looking for. I have these four items listed in Network adapter are 1394 Net Adapter, BroadComm NetExtreme Controller, Cisco Systems VPN Adapter (I use this the connect to company network from home) & Dell Wireless 1390 WLAN Card.