WAN miniport in Windows 7

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WAN miniport in Windows 7

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After 3 days of almost non-stop searching I finally found a solution to a problem it seems alot of people have with no answers.


Got a virus that corrupted the driver for WAN Miniport IKv2. Could not use my VPN connection to work after that. Everytime I would try to update the driver I would get a message that told me the driver was the most updated available, yet I still could not get my VPN to work and there was a constant error symbol on the device in Device Manager.

The way I fixed it:

- Go into device (WAN Miniport IKv2) in Device Manager (all Control Panel items, system, device manager). Click on update driver option and then select option that lets you find on your own. De-select option for compatability. Choose the Microsoft driver for MAC bridge. Force it through by selecting ok with all of the warnings that come up.

-Go back into Device Manager. The WAN Miniport IKv2 will be gone. In view bar select show hidden. There will now be a MAC WAN miniport. Select it and uninstall with right click.

-Go to Windows update and find "view installed updates" When you get the list, select Service Pack 1 and uninstall it.

-When it's done and re-started the computer, check in the device manager (in control panel, system) and again select show hidden devices in view. There should now be a WAN miniport IKv2 #2 listed.

-Go into networks in control panel and create new VPN connection. It should work.

-If it worked, then go back into Windows Update and download the Service Pack 1 again and install.


That's it. I hope that saves someone all of the headache and time I spent on this!!!


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  • Thank you for posting!  I had searched high and low for a solution to a similar problem that I was having.  I was getting an error code 31 on all the installed network drivers.  I couldn't uninstall the devices.  It never occured to me to try "updating" the drivers to a MAC miniport driver and then deleting them.  I wasn't sure if I needed to uninstall the latest Service Packs, but I did it anyway just for good measure.  Anyhow, thanks for taking the time.  This solution worked for me too!

  • I got to the part where i uninstall the mac bridge miniport but in windows update there is no ser ice pack 1 only service pack for microsoft windows (KB976932) please help?