Connecting a Dell Dimension 3000 desktop PC to wireless internet router

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Networking, Internet, Wireless
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Connecting a Dell Dimension 3000 desktop PC to wireless internet router

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I have a Dell Dimension 3000 desktop computer running Windows XP (SP3) and is also fitted with a V.92 Data Fax Modem. This PC is 5 years old.

I am thinking about upgrading my broadband connection and was wondering if it possible to connect a wireless router using an ethernet cable to the PC. Basically there seems to be two possible sockets where the ethernet cable could be connected.

There seems to be a spare socket on the modem. Could the ethernet cable to be plugged in here?

There is also a network device socket at the back of the PC next to the four USB sockets. Would the ethernet plug in here?



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  • Mike,


    Your setup should look like...


    wall > ISP modem/router > wireless router(if any) > wired/wireless


    If using DSL, a DSL filter must be on all devices, phones, answering machines, faxes, etc..., everything except the DSL modem.


    You may share a DSL Filter


    Wall > DSL Filter > splitter > Multiple devices


    The ethernet jack looks similar to a phone jack except it's bigger. The ethernat cable gets plugged into one of the numbered ports in the wireless router and then gets attached to the computer.





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