Can PeerNet of DW WLAN be disabled?

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Can PeerNet of DW WLAN be disabled?

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I am setting up a new Inspiron 15R for a novice user.  There is an PeerNet icon which I learned is a method to connect to another computer (perr-to-peer).  As this is a potentially dangerous utility, I want to either get rid of the icon or uninstall it.

It appears to be part of Dell's DW WLAN Card Utility (whose tray icon can be disabled).

I don't want the user to have the ability to access PeerNet.  Is there a way to disable the icon?


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  • Worked perfectly. Have been looking for an answer to this since re-install of Windows 7 three days ago.
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  • brucehh,

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    It could have been a MS Update that installed it on the system. Check out the links below.


    MS Article-Update Pack

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  • I think he is talking about this PeerNet:

    Or here:


    So, can we unistall it?

    What is it for?

  • Anyone figure out the answer to this yet?


  • Check this post:


    It's a peer-to-peer network utility that lets your computer connect to another directly without going through a router. It's part of the Dell WLAN driver package. Probably the best way to get rid of it is to uninstall "DW WLAN Card Utility" through Control Panel/Programs/Uninstall a Program. Then reinstall the 1520 wireless driver through Device Manager, pointing it to folder containing the extracted driver package (probably c:\dell\drivers\R262653\R262653\Drivers_US). That should result in installing just the driver without the baggage.

  • I ran Services.msc and disabled the "DW WLAN Tray Service" (description: Provides automatic configuration for the 802.11 adapter using the Broadcom supplicant.). The Peernet icon disappeared from the tray and wifi continues to work as it did before.

    The other alternative is to uninstall Dell's drivers and this utility entirely and install a basic wireless driver that doesn't include PeerNet.

  • Worked perfectly. Have been looking for an answer to this since re-install of Windows 7 three days ago.