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Connect to separate wired and wireless networks at same time

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I have a Dell Precision M6500 laptop with Windows 7 OS.  I am running VM ware and have a Windows XP OS installed that is used for special work application software.  This application is connected to a private network ( No Internet access) with a wired connection.  When I plug a cable into my ethernet port, I can connect to the private network just fine.

I also have access to a separate wireless router that does have access to the Internet.  When I unplug the wired cable, the wireless adapter connects just fine. 

What I want to know is how to set up my PC so it can connect to both the wired and wireless networks at the same time.  This would allow me to do my work on the private network but still allow me to connect to the Internet without disconnecting my wired connection.



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  • I figured out how to get my PC to connect to the wireless (Internet) and wired(local LAN) at the same time.


    I went to the command line and did a route print.  I saw that my wireless connection had an automatic route metric of 25.  The wired connection had a route metric of 20.  So every time I plugged in the cable, the wireless connection would be ignored in preference to the wired connection, thus blocking my access to the wireless connection.


    To fix it, I went to Network Connections, selected the wireless connection and opened properties.  I selected Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and opened properties.  On the general tab I selected Advanced button.  On the bottom of the Advanced settings, I deselected Automatic metric and entered a value of 19 ( less than 20 of the wired network) and wah lah it works.

  • I know this is old, but for anyone who comes across this on Google, there is another solution.  YOU CAN ONLY USE ONE GATEWAY AT A TIME, which your computer sees as a pathway to the internet, so it will default to the LAN if both adapters are assigned a gateway.

    1) Start with your Routers/Servers.  Make sure they both have different Router IP's and SUBNETS (try setting the local LAN Router to

    2) For the LAN adapter, under TCP/IP properties, manually assign a unique IP address (which coincides with the wired router), set the subnet to (or whatever you set it to in step 1), and make sure NO GATEWAY is assigned, LEAVE IT BLANK, letting the computer know that there is no path to the internet through this adapter.

    3)For the WIRELESS adapter, under TCP/IP properties, manually assign a unique IP address (that coincides with the wireless router), set the subnet to (or whatever the default is for the wireless router), and make sure TO ASSIGN A GATEWAY (THE WIRELESS ROUTER IP ADDRESS), if this is the only gateway assigned, the computer will look to the wireless router for the Internet.

    You should be able to connect to your wireless internet, and your wired network/lan at the same time with no issues.