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Dell Dimension 4600 - Reinstallation of XP - Network drivers (R67150) for Intel PRO 10/100 Ethernet will not work.

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Hello all,

I am really hoping that you can help me with this probably as it is very frustrating.

I reinstalled Windows XP today, a task I have previously performed. I still have my Dell Resource CD, which I duly inserted.

First, I installed the Chipset driver.

Second, I sought to activate the network controller so as to get some internet going. In the list I found the driver for Intel PRO 10/100 Ethernet. I downloaded the driver to the default drivers folder, named R67150 and clicked Setup in the Win2k subfolder. I was given a message which said that the driver had successfully been completed.

However, it appears that it was unsuccessful. When I go into Device Manager, under Other devices, I see a Yellow Question Mark an Exclamation Mark on top of it.

I am really scratching my head here with no idea as to how to proceed.

I know it's a dated Dell machine, hence why I was hoping to 'freshen it up' with a reinstallation. The network adapter had worked perfectly up until the reinstallation so I don't suspect that it was burned out / died.

Please don't ignore this thread folks! Offer any information or input that you can think of!

Kind regards,


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  • You should mention how you solved this so it helps others looking for answers.

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  • Nevermind guys, I found the solution.

    I will now lock this thread. Mods, delete if you wish.

  • Ah, I can't lock it. In that case, please ignore it!

  • You should mention how you solved this so it helps others looking for answers.

  • Well basically I knew it was an network adapter driver that was necessary, so I right clicked the relevant device (with yellow ? mark and ! mark) and clicked properties, install driver. Then there was an option to do it automatically or from a specific location. I clicked from a specific location and it gave me a whole list of devices e.g Modems, Video, Network etc. I clicked Network and it showed a list of options. I looked for the Pro 10/100 or whatever mine was called, and just clicked it. Then the 'Other devices' section with the yellow ? and ! disappeared and the Network Adapter section appeared as normal.

    That's about it! I kind of stumbled upon so forgive the layman's explanation, but that's basically it.

    P.S. for all the people who just give a link to the dell driver download page, that's not altogether helpful because sometimes you know what driver you need e.g. video, audio, network, but you don't know which one exactly, and as the dell driver download page for the 4600 gives numerous download options for drivers which you do not need for your particular device, it's basically a guessing game of downloading each one and hoping they work.