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No WLAN adapter found in Inspiron 1521

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No WLAN adapter found in Inspiron 1521

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Hey community,

I was traveling recently with my family and my Inspiron 1521 met with a small (less than 18") fall to pavement. Now, the WLAN adapter isn't showing in Device Manager or in the BIOS (and obviously, is not working in either Windows XP or Ubuntu). What are my next steps? I'm fairly tech-savvy, having replaced the hard drive in this computer already, so I'm not afraid to mess around "under the hood" as it were.


Thanks in advance!


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  • Tempomental,

    Thank you for using the Dell Community Forum.

    It may have just came unplugged from where it is connected. You can take it out and re-inserted back into the slot to see if that will resolve the issue.

    Here are some intructions to remove the bottom cover and reseat the card and cable attached.

    Turn system off and unplug everything.

    Loosen the two captive screws on the communications card cover.The biggest cover on the bottom.

    Remove the communications card cover.

    Disconnect the two antenna cables from the WWAN Mini-Card.

    Release the WWAN Mini-Card by pushing the metal securing tabs toward the back of the computer until the card pops up slightly.

    Lift the WWAN Mini-Card out of its system board connector at an angle.

    Remove the WWAN Mini-Card.

    To reinstall this part, reverse the preceding steps.




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