No Internet access. Laptop not connecting to wifi home network.

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Networking, Internet, Wireless
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No Internet access. Laptop not connecting to wifi home network.

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I bought my wife a latitude E5500 laptop for her work.  We have a wireless set-up at home via Verizon.  I set up the connection on her laptop.  The wireless network, which is our house is listed and shows all the green bars.  However, every time she turns on the laptop it says "no internet access."  In the Netwrok Sharing Center it shows her computer then says "Unidentified network" and there is a red "X" leading to the internet icon.  I have gone into the set-up and it shows our network and it says "connected"  but the wifi icon on the status bar at the bottom of the screen shows it is not connected and there is a yellow circle with an exclamation point.  The connection is set-up to connect automatically but the problem persists.   How do we fix this?


To send this note I am using my Powerbook which connects automatically.  

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  • I'd first try to connect via Ethernet cable and make sure that a firewall isn't preventing connection.

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  • The laptop eventually connects but I have to open up the internet connection and try different things and finally it connects.  It's a basic verizon wireless modem.   My Powerbook connects automatically.  The Dell says there's a connection just no internet.  very confusing.  It selects the network we specified.  I see the network but for this laptop it is not going through.  Then a fiddle with all the settings and somehow it finally connects.  Can't this be simply set up so it detects the network and connects?

  • At the bottom to the left of keyboard is a button with "Fn" in blue. At the top to the left of the keyboard is a button with a white tower on it. Keep tapping both simultaneously until the tower shows up in lower right in task bar, usually above the internet connection icon.