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'Wireless adapter problem after reformatting hard drive on E1505 laptop

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'Wireless adapter problem after reformatting hard drive on E1505 laptop

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I have an Inspiron E1505, XP Media Center, with an Intel Pro/Wireless 3945 card.  I re-formatted the hard drive, re-installed XP and Media Center, and installed the drivers in the incorrect order initially.  Then I discovered the correct order to install the drivers and re-installed the drivers again, rebooting when prompted.  When I install the Intel wireless software, I receive a "Driver is not installed" error.  Intel troubleshooting suggests to check whether there are any missing drivers and there are no other missing drivers that I am aware of (no yellow ?).  I re-installed the drivers in this order - NSS, chipset, Ricoh, video, audio, Synaptics, Quickset, wireless, Conexant, Broadcom.  I downloaded new drivers for the laptop from the Dell support download site.  I even downloaded a newer version of the Intel 3945 installer from the Intel download site and I cannot get beyond this error.  I recently performed the same reformat on another laptop (Inspiron 1520) and had no problems with drivers or getting the Intel 3945 wireless adapter working.  Any help or suggestions are appreciated.

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    You seem to have tried most everything else, so all I can suggest trying, is uninstalling the wireless drivers in Device manager (/Network Adapters), rebooting the laptop, and allowing the OS to identify the card, and install default drivers?

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    If the wireless card displays a yellow ! in Device Manager however, then try installing the drivers you downloaded again?


    Other than that... I notice you make no mention of having installed the Intel Matrix Storage Manager? 

    Is it available for the Inspiron E1505 (it'll be under SATA drives on your drivers & downloads page if it is)?

    I can't check for myself - unfortunately, since the E1505 isn't listed under Inspiron laptops for some reason?

    It's obviously available though?  Can you provide a link to where you got the new drivers you downloaded?

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  • Thanks, I'll try your suggestion and let you know.  I don't see the Intel Matrix Storage Manager on my list of drivers and downloads.  Here is the link to the drivers and downloads for Inspiron E1505 (also known as 6400).


  • Update,

    I uninstalled but the OS failed to identify the card.  I then went to the add hardware wizard to try to force the issue.  I chose the card, it installed as did the drivers (I assume) but I got the following message "The software for this device is now installed, but may not work correctly.  This device cannot start.  (Code 10)."  I need to do a little research to find out what this means.

  • Well, I think I've discovered my problem and now need to resolve it.  I have another laptop, Inspiron 1520 with the same Intel PRO/Wireless card in it.  I replaced the WLAN card in my E1505 with the card that was in my 1520 and the wireless networking is working again on my E1505.  The card was bad.  Now I just need to purchase another WLAN card to replace the bad card and I'm back in business.

  • How did you replace the LAN card?