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What kind of wireless network adaptor do I need?

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What kind of wireless network adaptor do I need?

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Hi all.0

I'm hoping someone here can help me.  I need to get a wireless network adaptor for my Dell Dimension 4300 OS - Windows XP sp3.  (Yes, it still works!!!)

My goal is to set up a wireless network as I just bought a new Dell Studio laptop.   I'm not sure what I need or how to do this.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you in advance,



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  • You need to connect  modem >router>computers. You will need a modem that has an ethernet port. A wireless router. A wireless G or N router, and  you will need a compatible wireless G or N wireless adapter. You can either buy a wireless pci adapter that will go inside of your Dim 4300 or you can purchase a USB wireless adapter. Your Studio already has a wireless adapter installed. I would recommend Linksys and Netgear. But there are other mfrs if needed. Just buy the same mfr wireless adapter as the router.


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  • The 4300 is USB 1.1, so  you will want a USB 2.0 card for a wireless adapter - or just install a PCI card adapter.  USB 1.1 is too slow for anything but 802.11b.


  • Hello,

    A PCI card is the way to go.

    Linksys is a very good brand, and you might as well get one that will also work with Windows 7.

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  • Thanks everyone.  I appreciate your help!