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XPS420; Upgrade to Windows 7; No Internet Connection

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XPS420; Upgrade to Windows 7; No Internet Connection

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My XPS420 has the onboard Motherboard Network card, "Intel 82566DC-2 Gigabit Network Connection".  I did an In-Place Upgrade from Vista 32bit to Windows 732bit.  The upgrade ran with no issues. After the Upgrade I could not get an Internet Connection.  The network Icon in the taskbar displayed a yellow triAngle with an Exclamation Mark.  Device manager shows the Card "working properly".  I know I have an Internet connection because I have 3 PC's connected to my Home network (my XPS420 is direct wired), the other two are Hard wired and Wireless.  Both these other PC's have an Internet Connection. When I ran ipcong in a CMD Windows, the DEFAULY GATEWAY address displayed as which no one thus far seems to have any idea what that means.  The Defauly Gateway should be something like 192. etc.  Directly underneath the was the 192. etc address.... I have tried uninstalling\re-installing the network Driver, I have downloaded and installed from Intel which is shown to be Windows 7 Compatible, I have used the Netsh command, I have worked several hours with Microsoft's Sopport (they were unable to resolve).  I did reach out to Netgear (the maker of my Router), they were the most helpful, they had me change the Drivers Properies from OBTAIN AUTOMATICALLY to ONLY USE THE FOLLOWING..and gave me the IP and DNS addresses to enter manually....advising me that they were setting the Card's Properties to STATIC settings. Following this change I have an Internet Connection.  This Static setting is a Work around, it is not a fix.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?  All else is running fine after the In-Place Upgrade to W7.....its just the issue with my Network card. 

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  • Im having the same problem. I have another computer connected to the router and it has no problem connecting. If I reset the router and my computer it works the first time but after the next start up or reboot it wont have internt access. I guess I could configure the static adress.

  • Same problem over here

    I will reinstall vista ....


  • Finnaly found the solution !

    Buy a d-link ethernet card and problem is solved !

    the Intel 82566DC chip seem to not work for now with a router on win 7 even if we put intel windows 7 drivers

    Cost for my card 10$ and i have no more to scracth my head !!