D630 - Reloaded Windows Xp - Ethernet & Network Controller no driver found

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D630 - Reloaded Windows Xp - Ethernet & Network Controller no driver found

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I have reloaded Windows  Xp on a used Dell D630 laptop I had purchased reciently.  Now Windows (Device Manager) needs a driver(s) for the Ethernet Controller and Network Controller.  Have loaded from Dell's Website Network Application R151334.EXE & Network Diagnostics Utility R151336.EXE.  Still does not recongize the driver for the network card.  How can I findout with network card is in the laptop ?

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  • D630greghoward,


    The Desktop/Laptop Utility needs to be installed first and then the Chipset Drivers or the other drivers will NOT install.



    How to Install Drivers in Microsoft® Windows® on Dell Systems



    Since the operating system was re-installed did you remember to go to drivers and downloads, enter your service tag(DO NOT POST SERVICE TAG here or your post will get deleted, since it contains your personal information), and install these drivers in this order.


    Idea Hint Idea When downloading the drivers, make a folder for each drivers and name it with the device it belongs with to make it easier to install them in the proper order.


    Desktop System Software or Notebook System Software

    Chipset or SMBus driver

    Processor Driver (if applicable)


    Audio (sound)

    Input Drivers (keyboard/mouse)


    Network Card

    QuickSet(Laptop only)





    What is a Dell Service Tag and how do I locate it? 



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