Dell Bluetooth 360 driver for Windows 7????

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Dell Bluetooth 360 driver for Windows 7????

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Hi I have recently upgraded from Vista Business 32bit to Windows 7 RC OS on Dell Latitude D830 and found to my dismay that I cannot find driver for Dell Bluetooth 360 and therefore am unable to use the Bluetooth function?????? I have had no end of problems with Vista's instability & have to reload my hard drive many times so I am not going back to that OS. Can you tell me when Dell will have driver for Windows 7??? Please hurry. Thanks Pemo

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  • Hello,

    I  have found a driver from the Toshiba website works on genuine windows 7 professional rtm.


    version 6.40.02 32 bit, however this has a limited usage for 1 month. An unlimited licence has to be purchased. I will use it temporarily until Dell release a driver. Good Luck. Hope it works for you



  • Wow thanks for this link Gav, are we sure that Dell is going to develop driver for Windows 7 as most Dell people I have spoken with say there are no guarantees that they will.  Which of course I think stinks, its really the first time that Dell has let me down, I usually find their service pretty great.  Of course thats why I keep buying Dell laptops.  Appreciate this though,

    Best Pemo

  • Hello again,

    Glad it worked. I think Dell will release a driver, although I could be wrong. The reason I suggest a driver will be released is the fact that these laptops 

    Inspiron 1410
    Latitude D530
    Latitude D531
    Latitude D631
    Latitude D420
    Latitude D430
    Latitude XFR D630
    Latitude XT
    Latitude ATG D620
    Latitude ATG D630
    Latitude D520
    Latitude D620
    Latitude D630
    Latitude D820
    Latitude D830
    Dell Precision Mobile WorkStation M65
    Dell Precision Mobile WorkStation M90
    Latitude D630c
    Dell Precision Mobile WorkStation M2300
    Dell Precision Mobile WorkStation M6300
    Vostro Notebook 1310
    Vostro Notebook 1510
    Vostro Notebook 1710
    Vostro Notebook 2510
    Dell Precision Mobile WorkStation M4300

    could have a Dell 360 bluetooth module. Some of these models already have windows 7 drivers available from Dell's support pages, but not the 360 bluetooth module as yet.

    Windows 7 doesn't go on retail sale until 22nd October 2009 therefore hopefully in time there will be a dell driver released.



  • The windows 7 driver for the 360 module can be found at:






  • Thanks for the link! Been looking for a Dell 360 bluetooth driver for Windows 7 for a month now. Putting my service tag in the driver search doesn't bring up a Windows 7 option (Latitude D830).

    Thanks again


  • Thanks, this worked on my latitude XT win7 64.

  • Would you happen to know which bluetooth adapter is in my Studio XPS desktop 435MT?  It is refered to as "


    Assembly, Flash Storage Device Universal Serial Bus, Reader Bluetooth, Half Height, BARE" in the system summary.  It came built into the computer, with the multi-memory card reader, and is located on the front of the computer in a drive bay with a sliding cover, next to the USB and audio ports.  Or would you know where I could look to find out?  I am hopeing that maybe I could find a Windows 7 driver for it from the manufacture, if Dell does not provide one.


  • Thanks a lot for the link; it worked form my dell latitude d630 on windows 7 64 bit.

  • WhiteGsd

    The windows 7 driver for the 360 module can be found at:









    Thanks WHITEGSD! This worked flawlessly on my  latitude D630 on windows 7 32-bit. Appreciate the post.



  • Thanks mate. This did the trick, 5 min to install the driver , restart, and the bluetootjh adapter is working perfectly.

    Thanks Again

    PS I have Vostro 1510

  • Thanks for the link;  I have had mixed results though!

    My Latitude D630 laptop has a Dell 360 bluetooth module.  Prior to updating the D630 driver, I was able to send a Bluetooth request from the D630 to a Bluetooth device on a Dell XPS 15z which was accepted (although the D630 failed to install some drivers - for the 15Z bluetooth I wonder?).  I was then able to send a file to the 15Z but was not able to receive a file from the 15Z.  

    I then deleted both the new devices on both laptops and tried to use the 15 z to send a Bluetooth request to the D630 – this request was not accepted.

    After updating the D630 driver the reverse was the case!  The D630 sent a Bluetooth request but this was not accepted.  The 15Z then sent a Bluetooth request to the D630 which was accepted.  Now, whereas the D630 was able to send a file to the 15Z, now it cannot but the 15Z can send a file to the D630!

    When the D630 tries to connect to the 15Z  the D630 gets an error message:

    “Connection has been denied by PAN server”.

    Anyone any ideas?  All gratefully received!

    (The XPS 15Z has an Intel Centrino Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 + High Speed Adapter – the D630 has a Dell 360 Bluetooth adapter).