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Finding the radio enable switch

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Finding the radio enable switch

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My Inspiron 1545 has been working fine until the afternoon before yesterday.  All of a sudden my laptop can not get internet wirelessly.  I get messages saying "radio is disabled", "switch radio enable switch to on."  I can not find this switch!  I have used the Fn + F2 keys with no success.  Can anyone tell me where this switch is?





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  • You have the correct keys to turn it on. There must be a problem with your wireless network settings, your wireless card or router or your network connections. Recheck everything. Also check the wireless card in Hardware Device Manager. Are your wireless router and/or broadband modem working correctly? Sometimes resetting the network by turning everything off and turning on in order clears up wireless problems.

  • I have had my router and modem checked by my provider and they say that they are ok.  I honestly do not know what I am doing when I go into the programs and they ask me if I want to continue with a task.  I am afraid of doing more harm than good.  The reply I continuely get is that my WLAN is still turned off and to turn the switch to on.  Is there an actual switch, button or something I should be seeing on my computer? 

  • Push the F2 key without pushing the Fn key.  It is a radio tower icon on the key,  the key is used for turning the radio (wi-fi) on and off.  See owners manual!