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Dell Vostro 1510 wont connect to wireless...

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Dell Vostro 1510 wont connect to wireless...

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Both the dell stuff and the microsoft wireless manager FIND Wireless networks, but neither can connect. When I click connect on the dell software it just dissapears and acts like nothing happened. The microsoft says connecting..... then a box pops up that says unable to connect, must be out of range, refresh and try again.

Card is: Dell Wireless 1395 WLAN Mini-Card


Router: Verizon Model 327W

Any help would be phenomenal! I am very basic when it comes to comp skills so be patient and very detailed please...

Please let me know what other info you need...



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  • Hi,

    There are several possibilties, the most common is the wireless network may be having "technical difficulties".

    OR your pc has gotten a bug of some sort, Have you done a virus/malware/spyware scan lately ?

    You can also try restarting your computer, if you havent already.

    I know it isnt much, sorry.

  • This is a brand spankin new laptop... no bad things on it... restart yeilds nothing... done that plenty... can I fix it with a glock 23???

  • JacobDW,


    I have seen issues with the 327w.


    Did you try any of the suggestions here?




    Since this is a new computer, you might want to restore the computer using the factory image.



    Restoring Your Computer´s Software to the Factory Settings






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  • FIXED!!! Rebooted router... works like it should now... g23 is reholstered!!