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Vostro 1000, Wireless Problem

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Vostro 1000, Wireless Problem

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I've had my Vostro 1000 Laptop for almost a year now.  I had to reload the O/S.  I put all the CDs in and downloaded all the drives, but now I don't show the WLAN card/connection.. nothing.

I can't connect to the internet and when Iook at the network adapters it only shoes the Broadcom 440x 10/100 intergrated controller..  My modem is only showing Conexant HDA D330 MDC v.92 modem.

I had the internal wireless with my laptop when it was given to me as a gift... and have been able to connect via wifi, etc.. but since reloading the O/S and all drivers, etc.. I don't have internet? Can't find this wireless connection?

My radio button is also on, etc..

Can someone assist me?

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  • Hi, I had this same problem on my Vostro 1000 after intalling XP Pro (originally had XP Home).  The driver for the wireless card on the resource CD was not compatible.  I downloaded this one and it works like a charm.  Good luck.  Ddeo



  • I recently reinstalled the Window Version 2002 Home Edition on my Vostro 1000 and could not get the wireless card to work.

    But I used the link you suggested and it worked like a charm for me also. Thank you, DDEO4.

    Regards, Thoughtful123

  • DDEO4

    Thanks very much worked like a charm

    appreciate it


  • dead link...you still have this file?

  • This question was fully answered. Thanks for the help.