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Dell Dimension 4550 ~ downloading chipset Intel driver ?

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Dell Dimension 4550 ~ downloading chipset Intel driver ?

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I just completed a format and reinstall of the XP on my Mom's Dimension 4550.  Upon completion of the reinstall I came to find that the Network adapter driver was not installed & the one with the Resource CD is not the correct one.  I've done a search & believe I've found the one I need - only problem is that I cannot connect to the Internet from that computer to download the driver/chipset.  Currently I'm connected using my laptop.  So, I was curious if I could download the drivers onto a flash drive & transfer them to the other computer & how to go about doing it?  I have no way of getting online with that computer so that's the only thing I could think of.


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  • You can get the latest drivers from the Dell support site from any computer.  The list of drivers for WinXP on that system are:

    • Intel 845PE chipset driver
    • AGP 4X Video Driver
    • ADI integrated audio driver
    • Intel 82559 Integrated NIC driver
    • USB 2.0 Driver
    • Microsoft USB QFE Patch (probably included in SP3, if not already in SP2)

    Just download the drivers on any computer, then transfer the file to the Dimension 4550 (using CD or memory key) and run it.

    You can request replacement reinstallation media for US purchased systems here.
    Dell Drivers & Downloads for all systems.

  • Alright, I ended up using the service tag to get the drivers for my machine.  Got the Multimedia Audio Controller issue taken care of but now I'm getting a new message that a network cable is unplugged.  I'm using our internet connection on my laptop while trying to get this figured out and will plug the cable in the desktop on occasion and just am not having any luck getting a connection!