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Computer's wireless crashes the router

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Computer's wireless crashes the router

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I've got a laptop running Vista. The problem that follows boggles my mind, so I'm going to spell it out as best I can.


Yesterday, my home's router stopped working and had to be reset (it said there was a problem with the DNS server). Then everything went peachy. That event was possibly unrelated, but just in case, you know? Today, the first problem was that internet browsers and Outlook would not run, but AOL instant messaging still worked, and the network status showed that (my computer personally) was still connected locally and to the internet. So we restarted the router. The network dropped for good. Eventually, the router's status LED wouldn't stop blinking, we gave it up for dead and bought a new LinkSys router to replace the old one.


Here's the problem as it stands:

If I stop my computer from connecting wirelessly, or if it connects through ethernet, then everyone else can connect, everything is peachy. If my computer connects wirelessly, the router crashes and has to be reset (if my computer's still trying to connect while the router is being reset, the router never starts correctly).

Since before yesterday, nothing changed about my laptop, I did not visit any new sites that might do mean things to my comp, didn't install new programs.


I'd really appreciate any thoughts on what the problem might be!

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  • Hello.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with the router or the computer, it can be because of some improper settings.

    Just hardwire the router to the computer and then open the router page, make a note of the router channel and the IBBS mode.

    Then open the network and sharing ceter in vista. go to the manage wireless networks and then you'll have the option for the adapter properties. In adapter properties you'll have a configure button. Click on the button and then you'll have a new window. In that window go tothe advance and on the left side you'll have IBBS mode. Make sure its the same of the router or make it 802.11 a/b/g/n. Then at the bottom you'll have WZC channel, chage the channel no to 9, as its most stable, make the channel no of the router as well the same.

    In your routers the settings must be WEP, change it WPA or if it is WPA then change it to WEP.

    Then close all the windows and then once again go to the network and sharing center and then manage wireless networks and then you'll find networks there. Just remove the networks from there. Click on add and then add to your wirless netowrk.

    DO a power cycle then. Just power off all the devices for a minte and then power them back on. It should fix the issue. If it didnot then please reply to this post and forsure I will get back to you.

    Thanking you


  • I think I got it. Used at the command line:


    ipconfig /flushdns

    ipconfig /registerdns

    ipconfig /release

    ipconfig /renew


    And I can use wireless without it seeming to crash the router. I'd still be interested if anyone knows why this might have fixed the problem.

  • Every time you restart the computer it picks a dynamic IP address but sometimes it picks up an auto config IP address. That is 169.254... Its this IP address that prevents you from connecting to the internet.

    By performing release and renew you release this IP and when computer reboots or when you perform renew it starts picking another IP address that is valid.

    I am happy for you that you got the prefect resolution on your own. You're great.


  • Thanks for the advice! I'm going to check out what you mentioned in the earlier post in the morning (I'm not allowed to access the router's settings myself, heh) to see what it looked like. It'll come in handy later for sure!

  • Since clearing the DHCP aquired data (DNS and IP address) with those commands fixe it, it is possible that your computer was still trying to use the IP address assigned to it by the old router, and that address was already assigned to another computer on the network by the new router.  The resulting IP address conflict could cause the problem, especially if your computer was trying to use the address assigned to the router.

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