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Installing Dell ControlPoint Connection Manager Version 1.1.1,A09 cause problems on E6400

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I've recently purchased the Dell Latitude E6400 with Intel Wifi Link 5300 network card.


I've installed by myself Windows vista Ultimate with sp1.

I've managed to connect to my wireless network successfully.

Now i've installed the Dell ControlPoint Connection Manager Version 1.1.1,A09 and right after the installation the WIFI light blub (on the keyboard) wasn't lightning anymore :(


I've entered the device manager, and saw that unser Network adapters the Inter Wifi Link 5300 was no longer there (It was before the installation).


Why is that? How can i work with the Dell ControlPoint Connection Manager Version 1.1.1,A09

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  • After you installed Vista, did you load the Dell Notebook System Software first, before even the chipset software?

    You can request replacement reinstallation media for US purchased systems here.
    Dell Drivers & Downloads for all systems.

  • No.


    I don't know event what is the "Dell Notebook System Software".


    What should i do know?

  • Download and install the following:


    Notebook System Software


    Wireless driver



  • Is this what i need?


    What should i do know? Remove all drivers? Install this software and reinstall all drivers?

  • The Dell Notebook (or Desktop) System Software is, basically, Dell's addition to the chipset software to ensure all the hardware in the system can properly talk to each other.  If your system uses the Notebook System Software and you did not install it, then that could be at least part of the problem you are running into.

    The full list of drivers for the Latitude E6400 is:

    • Dell™ Notebook System Software
    • Intel® Mobile Chipset Driver
    • IDT® STAC 9205 Audio Driver
    • Mobile Intel® GMA X4500 Video Controller
    • NVIDIA Quadro® NVS 160M
    • Ricoh R5C8xx Cardbus Controller
    • Intel Flash Cache Logic Chip (Intel Turbo Memory)
    • Dell Control Point Security Manager
    • Intel® 82567LM GigaLAN Network Controller
    • Wireless driver (if applicable)
    • MDC driver (modem)
    • Dell Touch Pad Driver
    • Bluetooth® driver and stack
    • SOL/LMS Driver
    • HECI Driver

    You can request replacement reinstallation media for US purchased systems here.
    Dell Drivers & Downloads for all systems.

  • Can i install the Dell Notebook systen now? Or should i remove all drivers?

  • Ok, i've installed the System software.


    Now my wifi works, and i am able to connect to the internet.


    But when i open the Dell Control Point connection manager, but in this application the wifi is disabled. On the vista wierless network management i can see other networks.


    How can i enable it on the dell connection point connection manager?

  • I'm not familiar with the Dell Control Point software, however, it may be showing as disabled there because Windows is managing the connection. Typically only one service can manage the wireless connection at a time, so the user has to pick either the Windows service or the native card utility.  Which one is better all depends on what the user is connecting to and its requirements.

    You can request replacement reinstallation media for US purchased systems here.
    Dell Drivers & Downloads for all systems.

  • I've tried to stop the service but then the DCP Connection manager doesn't start, i guess its depending on the windows WLAN service.


    How does dell support works? I didn't find a way to email the support for my problem.

    I've paid a lot of money for support so how can i earn my support?

  • Wireless control via DCP will not be included until later this month in a future Dell ControlPoint Connection Manager update

  • I have also had a lot of problems with Dell ControlPoint Connection Manager. I purchase my E6400 (in Germany) with the Dell 5530 HSPA card (mobile broadband) in October 2008. In the delivered state Connection Manager basically didn't work. You could not create the profiles necessary for creating a connection with the 5530 card. This was mostly fixed with release A10, which came out in December. But this is still very glitchy. It hangs following a restart of Windows abotu 50% of the time, and the only fix is to restart again and hope that it works next time. There are frequent "C++" program error messages, none of which inspire confidence in the software.

    Version A10 still does not include WLAN support.

    One possible clue to the problems others have had with WLAN. In the as-delivered state my E6400 had a great Intel utility (I also have the Dell 5300 WLAN link card). The first time I update the Control Point Connection Manager, in the hope of fixing the 5530 problems, the Intel utility was de-installed. To get the WLAN working again I had to configure it manually from Windows. I'd much rather have the Intel utility back, as it worked extremely well.

    These comments apply to Windows XP (downgrade), which is the way I ordered the machine. I notice that releases for Vista are at different levels.

  • So A11 still does not support the Intel 5300 Wireless? hm. i like the idea of having a central configuration for connections... but without wlan that does not make much sense. i hope we'll get a new version soon.

  • It would be really helpful to have that note included in the download page.  I fought with getting this to work for a while before someone at Dell Support told me that the wireless wouldn't work.  The tool's features look great, but it's really disappointing it doesn't support my wifi card.