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Wireless network suddenly disabled and wouldn't get enabled until rebooting

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Wireless network suddenly disabled and wouldn't get enabled until rebooting

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I have a Dell XPS M1210 operating on Windows XP. I'm having a problem with my wireless connection.

Sometimes the connection becomes disabled - for no reason. I don't touch the hardwear switch, I don't do anything. Just browsing webs, noticing connection is bad - check the connection, and it says 'disabled.'

When I try to enable it, it has a message like this "already attempting to connect (enable)" - or something to that effect. Of course, it won't do a thing, and I reboot and the connection is back.  This happens quite often, so I can't overlook it anymore.

Or sometimes the network connection control panel is just frozen, and however frantically I leftclick or right click, nothing (no menu) appears. no enable, disable, repair, property, nothing. That little computer icon thing wouldn't budge.

I checked the drivers - I downloaded a bunch of drivers, and it won't work. I checked for viruses, and nothing really got caught.  

Any advice? Does this mean my network card is corrupted and needs to be replaced? I don't know how to replace a card - I might have to buy a new laptop!

Thanks for your help in advance!


- J




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  • Have you already tried installing the latest driver for your wireless card?  If it turns out to be a bad card, which from what you describe is possible, then you review the instructions for replacing it in the m1210 service manual. 

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    You can request replacement reinstallation media for US purchased systems here.
    Dell Drivers & Downloads for all systems.

  • check out the modem before you replace the card.  It is also a lot easier and cheaper to replace a card than to go through the hassle of changing computers.  I had the same problem but replacing my high speed modem/router cleared it up.  Also, if you buy a new computer you will be stuck with Vista and from first hand experiences XP is a lot more stable and less problem.  I have only had my laptop since June and have had to reinstall Vista and have found many programs that are labeled compatible but will not function properly, or will often crash.

  • thx. I now really think my card is corrupt- or at least its connection to the laptop. I will check the manual regarding replacing it. Thanks again!

  • I had this same problem with my Dell Latitude D630 (spontaneously disabled wireless adapter, couldn't enable, had to boot).  Unfortunately I didn't attend closely to Larry R's post and wasted time!  I called Dell support finally to ask them if they would replace the wireless card.  They said we should try downloading the most recent driver, which we did, and I haven't had any problems with the wireless (no drops) for about 10 days.  This used to be a daily occurence, sometimes multiple times a day.

    The tech support lady recommended that the system-tray icon for the Intel PROset wireless connection utility (a new icon that shows up when you install the driver) be set to permit Windows control of the wireless adapter, which is accomplished by right-clicking on the the icon, running the utility, then select Configure WiFi, then click on the Advanced menu item, then Use Windows to Manage WiFi, then Yes.

    Dell support was attentive and stuck with me while we resolved the problem.