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Yellow Question marks in device manager

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Yellow Question marks in device manager

  • I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this...I have yellow question marks in the device manager on the following "other" components.
    Ethernet controller

    multimedia audio controller

    network controller

    pci modem

    video controller

    video controller (vga compatible)

    I tried to re-install drivers no help (both original XP disc and downloaded drivers from website)
    In the past, this showed a failed component. My question is, are all these on the same card/bus? Is it removable and changable? Any help would be appreciated.....sorry....Dell Inspiron 2200

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  • You need to make sure that you install the drivers in the correct order.  The Notebook System Software and the chipset drivers MUST be installed BEFORE even attempting to install any other device drivers.  The drivers are not part of Windows XP (so they are not on that disk).  I'm not sure what the question  - "are all these on the same card/bus? Is it removable and changable?" means.  They are all different devices attached to the motherboard.  Some are physically removable, others are not. 



  • Well I noticed that they are all under the "other devices" under the device manager...Looking under properties, they all are under either pci bus "0" or "2"...My thought process is that they might all be situated on a remote board (there is one that I can see that attaches to the motherboard) ...And I thought microsoft added drivers to windows xp and beyond for most devices?




  • No the drivers are not all included into the OS disk. You need to follow Volcano's advice.

    If you did not install the chipset driver first after reinstall the OS cannot communicate properly with the motherboard hardware. You can try installing the Chipset driver then follow with the network, sound,video,modem 

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  • The devices without drivers installed all show up under "Other Devices" in Device Manager because the operating system isn't sure what those devices are yet.  The drivers, in the order they should be installed, for the Inspiron 2200 running WinXP are:


    • Dell Notebook System Software
    • Intel Mobile Chipset Driver
    • PCMCIA Controller Driver (native to XP)
    • Intel 915GM/910GML Video Controller
    • SigmaTel STAC 9752A/53A Audio Driver
    • Intel Pro/100 VE Integrated Network Controller
    • Wireless Mini PCI Driver (if applicable)
    • MDC Driver (modem)
    • Synaptics Touchpad Driver
    • QuickSet Utility (optional, but highly recommended)


    You can request replacement reinstallation media for US purchased systems here.
    Dell Drivers & Downloads for all systems.

  • Thanks for everyones help....I went through and loaded the drivers....but I think that I found the original culprit....bad hard drive....unrepairable errors on chkdsk....intermittently became unstable...I have ordered a new harddrive and will use your list when it comes (I don't have the original drivers list)....again, thanks to everyone...

  • I also am having this problem. I operate an Inspiron 630 Laptop and did a Windows XP re-install and then downloaded the drivers per the list supplied by Dell on the web. However, under most of the headings I found more than one download so thinking "more is better" I downloaded them all. I thought I had them in the right order, but can't get the laptop to recognize the desk monitor (Dell 1704FTP) and the Device Manager has yellow question marks beside Video Controller, Video Controller (VGA compatible) and Base System Device X 3.

    Question:- Is there anything I have to do before re-downloading the drivers? Will the new downloads overwrite and change the order as they're downloaded?

    Thanks for your help!!


  • 2eagereagles

    If you are referring to the 630m then the video graphics driver under video in downloads is what your need. You also need to make sure your first download Notebook System software then the Intel Chipset driver and then the video driver.


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