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Inspiron 1525 losing wireless internet connection after a while

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Inspiron 1525 losing wireless internet connection after a while

  • I have a new 1525 laptop.

    Connection to my wireless network is fine, rarely showing less than three bars on the strength. 

    However, after a while all internet access fails - right in the middle of a browsing session.  The tray icon says I'm still connected and that the signal is good.

    I have oither wireless computers that do not have a problem.

    To get the internet access back I have to either reboot (logging off and on does not work) or disconnect the wireless link and reconnect it.


    This also happens after the laptop has been in sleep mode.


    Any hints would be welcome.




  • Which wireless network adapter?  Which version of Windows?   Which make and model router?



  • I was having pretty much the same problem.  Wireless was connected, but the internet would seem to lose connection.  My roommate's laptop had no problems on the same wireless network, which convinced me that the problem had to do with my laptop.  I contacted both dell and d-link, no answers.  I finally tried updating the router's firmware, and now it seems to be working fine.  The firmware that was loaded on the router from the factory was from 2006.  My laptop is probably a year or two newer than my roommate's which I guess explains why his worked and mine didn't.  I would try updating the firmware, especially since you said you have a new laptop.
  • Sorry for the missing info in the original post.


    The OS is Vista home premium SP1.

    The card in the laptop says "Dell wireless 1490 dual band WLAN Mini-card" Rev 5.8.

    The card Chipsets are BCM3412 and BCM2050

    The router is a "Belkin wireless cable/dsl gateway router model f5d7230-4 version 1223uk"


    I have four other PCs connected through the router (two wirelessto and two wired) to a surfboard cable modem and onto an NTL cable service.  There is also a Wii wireless connected.


    When the internest connection is lost the "Network and Sharing Centre" window shows a good link between the Laptop and the belkin router but a broken link between the belkin router and the internet.  When this happens all the other four PCs can access the internet fine.


    Traffic tends to be gaming, web browsing, my work vpn link and the occasional ftp.


    Rebooting fixes the problem as does disconnecting the wireless link and connecting again.


    During a few hours this afternoon the breaks were happening after periods from 5 minutes to 20 minutes.

    I've tried different places in the house.  The signal is always good.


    Thanks for your assistance. 



  • Make sure you are running the latest firmware on your router. 


    Open Device Manager, click the + sign next to network adapters, right click your wireless network adapter, click on the Advanced tab, then find the following settings and set them to Disabled.


    Minimum Power Consumption

    Power Save Mode


    Let us know if that fixes the problem.



  • My router has a firmware update option which returns saying there is no newer firmware available.


    The wireless card does not have a Power Save Mode in that list of attributes.

    The Minum Power Consumption option was there and listed as Enabled.  I have disabled it and will see how the Laptop performs today.


    Thanks again for your interetst and help.

  • I'm afraid that disabling Minimum Power Consumption has not stopped the problem.


    For now the only solutions are either to reboot or disconnect/connect the wireless link.


    Any other suggestions would be most welcome.



  • ARe there lots of other wireless networks in your vicinity?  Have you tried changing the channel that the router users.  One way of approaching this is to download a program called Netstumber (easily found usinig a Google search).   Running it will show give you information on the wireless networks in your vicinity, inlcuding the channels they are using.



  • There are a few.  Only one with a decent strength that is usually on.  I use channel 6.  I have tried 1,5,6 and 11.  The other ones around here mostly use 11.  Only one other uses 6, but it is weak and not often detectable.


    I seem to be able to connect to other shares on my home network, so the link to the AP would seem to be good.  But if the router is to blame why have the other wireless bits of kit worked fine for months/years.


    The laptop is used in two locations, one directly under the AP and one down one floor diagonally away at around 45 degrees.  The other wireless units that access the internet are spread all over.  I forgot a couple in my list above.  I have an itouch which works wherever I am in the house/garden and I also have a wireless photo frame that grabs stuff from the internet without issue.




  • I have the exact same problem!

    Dell inspiron 1525

    Windows vista

    Router is updated

    My connection only comes back if I reboot the computer

  • gabrieloshiro,



    Go to device manager(right click my computer, left click properties, left click hardware, left click device manager). Click on Network and then right click on your wireless adapter, left click properties, power management. Uncheck the box, allow computer to turn off this device to save power.






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  • Ive already tried this... nothing changes...

    by the way it happns the exact same thing with me wired connection...


  • I have the same problem wirh a Dell 1525, Windows 8.1, mini-card Dell wireless 1395 WLAN.

    This happen randomly in diferent wifi networks. 

    Suddently, it shows the icon like there ate no wifi networks. 

    The solution is always reboot the laptop.

    Is there another solution? some driver?