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wireless driver after reformat E1505

  • Hi, i recently had a new hard-drive installed and i used the disks to reformat and download the drivers. I can't figure out which file to download to get my wi-fi/wireless to work. Everything else is fine, bluetooth is working, i can plug in the ethernet cord and get online, but the wireless just won't work. I have an Inspiron E1505 with Windows XP. I'm at the drivers and download website through but I can't figure out which one to download to correctly get it working. Can anyone help? --Thanks.
  • Go to the following site, enter your Service Tag number then click on the Original Configuration tab.  This will give you a list of components which shipped with the computer, from which you should be able to figure out which wireless network adapter is physically present in the computer.




  • thanks steve, but i still have a problem. i downloaded the correct driver and installed it, yet when i click the dell wireless utility nothing happens. There is no wireless connection option in the network connections folder, and the Wi-Fi icon is still inactive. Anymore help? ---thanks.
  • Did you install the chipset drivers and notebook system software before you installed any other device drivers?


    Perhaps if you actually told us which wireless adapter you have in your machine and which driver you installed (rather than just calling it the "correct driver"), we could provide better help.  Otherwise you have to rely on my ESP ability, which has never really worked all that well.



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  • lol, ESP. um it was WLAN 1390, and i tried the 140747 driver. I also tried the updated driver of that one. I do have the chipset and notebook system software, but im not exactly sure what order I downloaded them. I'd hate to have to reformat the entire computer again. Are there any alternatives? Also, when i did download these drivers, the plug in icon on the bottom right tray appeared, which means it recognizes it, but it just won't work for some reason. Any other ideas? ---Thanks again
  • I've been thinking about taking the card out and putting it back in, thinking maybe something magical will happen.

    good or bad idea?

  • What you can try is to go into Device Manager, uninstall the devices that were installed before you installed the chipset drivers, then reboot, cancel the new hardware wizard, then install the drivers in the correct order.  Sometimes this works, but most the time one has to start all over, reformatting, reinstalling Windows then installing the drivers in the correct order.



  • This device cannot start. (Code 10)
  • "Sometimes this works, but most the time one has to start all over, reformatting, reinstalling Windows then installing the drivers in the correct order."