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Do routers go bad?

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Do routers go bad?

  • i have a D-Link Cable modem and a Linksys wireless G router and my computer uses Windows XP with SP2.  my computer is connected to the router with a cable (not wireless).  my router is secured with the code WPA-PSK and i have a password too.


    i have never had a problem before now,  but a few days ago i got my new cell phone and it allows me to use the router in order to get a signal inside the home (the regular cell signal is super weak).


    ever since adding my cell phone to the router i get numerous random internet connect drops.  i'll be surfing the web and for no apparent reason, my computer will lose internet and the cell phone loses the signal.


    i reinstalled (updated?) the router CD to make sure everything looked ok.  it seems that i have to hit the reset button on the back of the router and then the internet comes back on.


    when i do lose the signal,  and i tried to reconnect my cell would give message "unable to connet to DNS server"   or something similar...  the computer simply says "working offline"   ...nothing else.


    i have been unable to get the PS3 to work with the wireless router...


    Question:   i heard that routers/ modems do lose effectiveness (slowly die?) over time.  since the modem is about four years old and the router about three years old,  is this the likely problem? 


    the salesman today (i bought a new router) said yeah, they go bad you should by a new one.  after thinking about it,,,  seems maybe it is just a software problem.


    any ideas?




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  • they do go bad, however if it did.  it would not boot up anymore.  it probably needs a firmware update.  if you do not want it anymore, let me know i love collecting oldies.  i would gladly pay for shipping charges and if any fees.
  • update your firmware drivers, and i think your internet problem causes by EMI(electromagnetic interferrence)/RFI(radiofrequency interferrence) thats why your internet is dropping off...
  • you guys are awesome.

    yes, i went to the Linksys website downloaded a firmware thing and problem seems to be solved.


    my other GIANT project was installing new RAM and upgrading my video card to a brand spanking new GeForce FX7300 GT (512mb)... wow!, with the ram and new video card,  my computer is looking pretty sweet.  i can tell a difference.


    if you'd like my GeForce 5200 Ultra (128mb) graphics card (i got no use for it now), i'll be glad to send it to ya.