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'Dell Wireless 1505 Draft 802.11n WLAN Mini-Card' problems

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'Dell Wireless 1505 Draft 802.11n WLAN Mini-Card' problems

  • Hi,

    i bought a new Dell Vostro 1500 about a month ago. It came with an integrated Dell Wireless 1505 Draft 802.11n WLAN Mini-Card.
    The problem came out today when i turned on my laptop. At first "Acquiring network address" was delayed. Finally the laptop got the addresses and i tried browsing but the internet was totally frozen or, for a few seconds, worked very slowly.

    I pinged my router. Pings range(-d) from 1-2 to 2000-3000 with timeouts, sometimes getting better, sometimes going to 5-6 timeouts in a row. Signal is excellent, speed varies from 54mbps to 11 or even 5.5.

    The router is Asus WL530G, standing behind 2 doors without any walls on the way. Another laptop with wireless connection is having no problems, ping doesn't timeout even though the computer is behind a thick wall.

    Tried updating drivers to those from dell's site.

    I remember when i first started using this laptop i noticed a drop in performance of internet connection compared to what i had while using a cable to connect to the router. Maximum speed i could reach was 1.2 mb/s (several times more with a cable->router link). Now thinking back I think there was also a decrease in browsing speed, compared to cable. Maybe the problem persisted since i bought it...i'm not sure.

    Any ideas... ?

    EDIT: I'm using Windows XP
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  • Have you tried updating the frimware on your router?  Anohter thing to try is to go http://www.dslreports.com/tools and run the Tweak Test.  After running the test, follow the advice to optimize the rwin settings for the wireless adapter.



  • I have the same problem with this card, and mine is on the Inspiron 530. If you set the router to 802.11G only, the connection is stable. I believe there is a problem with this card, and I am going to return it. Please see my post.

  • I have the same problem with the Dell Wireless 1505 Draft 802.11n WLAN Mini-card. My computer is an inspiron 1521 (which, though it is another issue entirely, is the worst computer I have ever owned). At least your connection will restart (even if it is random). Mine disconnects and the only way to reconnect is to shut the computer down and restart. This is a major problem since I work from my computer. I have the newest drivers, and yes, my router does support n. I really think there is a problem with the card itself, and I plan on purchasing a new card. You should probably do the same thing.
  • I just got my second Vostro 1500 but this one has the 1505 card. What a dog! Using both laptops side by side, the one without was 4,664 kbps down and 1,600 kbps up. The 1505 was 1,200 kbps and 918 kbps respectively.

    These tests repeated several times showed very little difference.

    So my questions are -

    Can I remove the 1505 card easily?

    Will the integrated NIC then work?

    Is it easier to send the whole thing back and start over?




  • Exact same issue with Vista 32bit on a Dell Studio Hybrid. This should be addressed with drivers/firmware, clearly this card has issues. I can reproduce it on D-Link and NetGear routers and an older Broadcom chipset in the XPS One works great. The 1505 is a Broadcom chip as well so this should not be too tough.

  • I also echo the troubles others have reported with this card. My computer is a new Dell and sits six feet from an "N+" class Belkin wireless router which has two antenae. The Dell reports a solid "excellent" connection yet the speed varies from its best ever 130Mb/sec to a low of 11Mb/sec. I had Dell Support remote in and install the latest drivers for this card and even tweak the settings on the router. At best, I get 130Mb/sec - better than the G router I had before but not as high as hoped and certainly not reliably steady.

  • I'm running this card on an XPS M1330 with a netgear wgt624 router and have been having the same problem.  I don't really consider this a solution but I had a thumb drive connected to one of the USB ports, I noticed the night before the card was working fine and I didn't have it plugged in, low and behold I pulled it out and it worked fine.  I believe the real solution is to not get this card in the first place if you can avoid it (apparently if you call in you can get the intel wireless-n card even if they don't allow it online).  I've thought about trying to upgrade my router to wireless-n, I wonder if this has made a difference for anyone.

  • I have a wirelss -n router and the same wireless card on my laptop (Inspiron 1525). It started behaving erratically, sometimes it  would connect sometimes it wouldn't. I have another laptop at home that connects to the same router without any problem. Because we actually got hit by lightning I troubleshot the issue with Dell thinking it may have been a hardware problem. One visit from a service technician, new cover and new wireless card later, the problem was still there. Conecting whenever it pleased. Dell offer to tackle the problem for a fee, which I refused as I find this shouldn't be the policy when under warranty. What fixed my problem was removing the dell wireless utility that comes pre-installed, removing the wireless card fromm the hardware list, and letting it pick-up the default broadcom drivers pre-installed in the computer. Hope this might help some of you.

  • Same problem with the VOSTRO 1310.

  • Iam having the same exact problem with the same router and 1505 wlan.  No solution yet, but I noticed in the device manager / network adapters / 1505 wlan / properties / advanced tab the band preference does not list 'n' at all, only a/b/g options.  Could this be the cause of our troubles?  I have a vostro 1700 (not important) that shows, in available wireless connection, my belkin router B/G/N 270 and I still only max out at the 130mb/sec.  This is a definite Dell problem.  I have unistalled and reinstalled the driver multiple times with the same properties every time.  Shouldn't there be a band selection of 'N' only?

  • I am also having a problem with my wireless minicard, the same 1505 draft 802.11n wireless card. I connect to the internet at 1 mbs although every other computer I've used in my apartment connects at 58 mbs. I installed the latest driver from Dell.

  • Hello everyone,

    I did a lot of research and searching... finally found a driver that worked with this card. This driver is for Windows 7 and works perfectly with n routers.  Also, I included a link describing the default settings with explanations for this card.

    Dell Wireless 1505 Draft 802.11n WLAN Mini-Card
    Release Date:  2/11/2011 


    <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell> 

    Hope this helps...


  • Jake,

    My Dell Inspiron 546 is 3 years old and I have had problems with this card/adapter since I purchased it.  I have Replaced driver a couple of times, the Dell tech said my driver was corrupt.  One time the tech told me the adapter was bad and I removed the driver and reinstalled it and it worked for a while and the next time the Dell tech said the card was bad and I reinstalled the driver and it worked for a while. I feel like I am crazy because I cant fix this problem.  After reading all these posts I know I am not the only one, seems to me Dell owes me a new card and adapter.  The newest problem I have is the driver disappears and I have to reinstall it.  Will this driver work for Vista?


  • Also when I reinstall the driver I get an error message this software is not compatible with your system.  I remove dell wireless 1505 from programs and then start in safe mode and go to device manager and remove broadcom driver and restart.  After that the driver reinstalls.