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setting up wireless connection on laptop

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setting up wireless connection on laptop

  • Hi all,

    I have been using wireless with my laptop with no problems, but i found out today that somebody is using my network to download stuff.

    So thru my pc i connected to my router and added wep to have more protection but of course my laptop don't connect anymore, i have taken down the script code but how do i put it in my laptop if i cant get on internet. I have tried just about everything with no luck. pls help i am realy stuck.



  • Why did you choose to install the nearly non-secure WEP encryption instead of the much more secure WPA encryption? 


    In order to help you, it would be very very useful to know which version of Windows you are running on your laptop and which wireless utility you are using (Windows, the Dell Utility, or the Intel ProSet Utility.



  • Follow the link on my page to the Microsoft Networking resources.
  • Volcano, yes i realised it after reading a bit more about it, i tried to get back but i cannot get any further than basic setup in router, i guess i will have to reset to factory setup and restart the setup with WPA.

    I have Vista premium,Dell inspiron 1521 and i am using Network Magic (bought) I am a beta tester for this program also.

    Normaly i am prety sharp even at 66 yo , i have been using the internet since before the WWW but i am not very knowlagable about network.



  • You will need to connect to the router via a wired connection to make these changes.
  • Hi all,


    I am using wap now, When i go in my router config (netgear) i go to advance setting and adding a device when i add a name and mac code (the one i found in my laptop) it tells me that i have an invalid mac adress i have tried different things all day with still no success.

    What i find strange when i first went in adding devices i had 3 adress one was the adress i have for my laptop but i removed all 3 and now it says that my mac adress is invalid when it was there before.


    For jmwills,

    I disconnected the wire coming from the router in my pc and connected it to my laptop but for some reason i dont connect to the internet to access my router?????


    I don't know what to do anymore apart from paying $75 for tech help from netgear.



  • You need to reboot that laptop if you pulled the cable out of the PC and put it straight into the laptop.

  • Hi all,


    I finaly managed to install the mac adress of my laptop in the router(advance setting), i added it and confirmed it but when i tried to connect still no connection to the laptop, what do i have to do next??.


    jnwills, i disconected from the back of pc and connected the wire to the laptop, rebooted with no luck, i used network magic to repair a direct connection with no luck also.




  • Why do you need to put the MAC address in the router?  MAC filtering doesl ittle for security and causes connection problems.


    Power down everything with a cable form the router plugged into the laptop.  Power up the modem, router, and laptop in that order waiting about 3 minutes in bewteen each.

    Run an ipconfig /all and post the results here.

  • jmwills, I put in the mac adress because from reading instructions i had to add all mac adresses of the different portables in the network.

    Just a reminder that everything was working fine until i installed incryption (wpa now)

    I will do what you suggest and get back to you, btw my modem is cable with telephone, but that should not have anything to do with the actual problem.


    Thank for your patience......Claude

  • At this point, not knowing what all has been done, I owuld reset the router to the factory defaults and remove all encryption from the adpater.


    Then make sure you can connect with no security and then add WPA encryption to the router and adpater card with a VERY strong password.  This is all the security a typical home user needs.


  • I did all as instructed with the same result, no conection, the only difference i can see is the internet icone at the bottom right of the screen instead of having a red X has a yellow warning sign.

    I cannot tranfer the result of the ipconfig/all from the portable of course but i will write the first part.

    Windows IP config

    Host name: my pc

    Prymary dns suffix:

    mode type: hybrid

    ip routing enable: no

    wins proxy:          no


    What i can understand when i click on the internet icone is it wants me to connect to an available network,even if i am connected direct, i see my network but cant connect because it is secured and when i put in the password that i used in wap it tells me i have the wrong password.


  • You said you had a cable internet connection which requires no authentication (username and password).  There should not be a "connection icon" to the internet.  font>

    Can you connect to the router and internet with a wired connection.


    Message Edited by jmwills on 02-13-2008 12:41 PM
  • Thanks for all the help i will do that, but that is what i had before intalling wap, to make my network secure but it keeps my laptop out also.

    That is what i was trying to do, just add my laptop to the secured wap network.



  • Wireless authenitcation would never ask for a username, only a password.