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vostro 1000 wireless

  • i bought this laptop today on dell.com. i have a Linksys WRT54G router all set up that connects to my Nintendo DS lite via Wi-Fi. What steps do i need to take to get my new laptop up and running on the router? my router is protected via WEP. i have the 4 rows of numbers from my router's info. can someone give me screen shot's of what i would have to do to connect? also what steps would i take if i go into starbucks/airport etc. where the have free wi-fi to get on the internet using there connection? also i read something about a PCI card. what is that? do i need one? it says that mine is coming with Dell Wireless 1390 802.11G Wi-Fi Mini Card. Thanks Alot and all have a happy and safe Thanksgiving

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  • follow the wireless instructions http://support.dell.com/support/topics/global.aspx/support/dsn/en/document?journalid=3F25FCBB6AA670EDE040A68F73286B67&docid=303909

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  • i checked there and it really didn't answer my question. i have a router. so all i would have to do is turn it on and it will find my router and ask for my WEP key? then when i enter it i am good to go? thanks
  •  in theory yes.
    with a wireless card you would enter the SSID of the network and the WEP key...just make sure that you have set your router to broadcast the SSID...
    Oh one other thing you will have to give permission for the network in the firewall on the laptop

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  • thank you
  • go to the linksys site, and click on easy connect...that should get ya started on setting up your wrt54g wireless connection..
    lots of folks here ask for help setting up wireless...the routers manufactuer sites usually have this info available.