Does Wifi mean I have Wireless capability on my laptop?

Networking, Internet, Wireless

Networking, Internet, Wireless
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Does Wifi mean I have Wireless capability on my laptop?

  • I recently bought a laptop on Ebay. It was advertized as having "Wifi". I took that to mean that it have wireless capability. Because the hard drive was bad and I had to return it to the seller, I had to reload Windows XP SP2. I therefore never had the chance to find out whether the machine had wireless capability or not. All I need is a wireless capability to connect to the internet.
    I have downloaded just about every (all the urgent and required) driver that is pertinent to that machine's service tag.
    I still have no way of connecting to the internet wirelessly.
    I started out by following instructions in the article:
    Prior to the post above, I had read:
    I failed to duplicate what is shown in Figure 1. Does this mean that my laptop does not have wireless capability? If the answer is no, then how do I detect that I have a wireless network card?
    What driver would solve my problem?
    I am very frustrated and I need answers before I can go after the seller for being deceptive.
  • Check Device Manager.  It should have an entry for a wireless network adapter, for example, if your computer has an Intel PRO/Wireless network adapter, this is what it should look like



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