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Wireless 2350 Broadband Router Has Connectivity Problem

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Wireless 2350 Broadband Router Has Connectivity Problem

  • Hi,

    I use AT&T's High Speed Internet (via phone) and Dell Wireless 2350 Broadband Router.  I set my laptop as the main one (because my wireless card is damaged) and my roommate's laptop as wireless client.  Sometimes she can surf on the Internet, but she sometimes sees "limited or no connectivity" pops up and cannot connect to the Internet.  I did not set up WEP security settings.  Her default TCP/IP settings were all automatic instead of giving specific IP and DNS, etc. 

    I have tried unplugging cable and wireless router, wait for over 15 minutes, then power on cable, one minute later power on wireless router, and reset her laptop.  Most of the time, she still saw her network icon at bottom right screen had a yellow triangle, in which was a signal ' ! ' (limited or no connectivity)  Only a few times this strategy worked and brought back her the Internet.

    Today, I followed Dell’s instruction: log into, and chose DEVICE STATUS.  I found all connections between LAN, Wireless, and Internet, and router were all ok.  I changed my roommate’s TCP/IP settings: from AUTOMATIC to IP:; DNS:; Gate IP:  These settings were based upon below figured obtained from and chose DEVICE STATUS.    I also set up a password at WIRELESS SECURITY under BASIC SETTINGS, and key in the same password in my friend’s laptop.  Her laptop showed already connected to the Internet, but we failed to open any webpage via the Internet Explorer.  So, actually, she didn’t have access to the Internet.   

    Sometimes, she also saw “IP address was incorrect.”  Can anyone help to solve these problems?  Thank you very much.

    ps. All my TCP/IP settings are AUTOMATIC, either. 


  • Right off the bat! If your router is set to be the DHCP server for your network?(automatically assigns IP and DNS addresses) All subnet devices have to be set to acquire IP and DNS addresses, automatically.(no mix and match IP settings) If you have one or more computers in your network with fixed IP and DNS addresses, then your router should not be set to be the DHCP server.
  • Hi MRF4700,
    Thanks for your info.  There are only two laptops: one for me and one for my roommate.  I don't know whether I have fixed IP.  I did try to setup DNS and gave IP that fell between and to my roommate's laptop.  My laptop remains to be what you mention "DHCP," all AUTOMATIC.  So, can you tell me what to do to have stable wireless connection?  Thanks again. 
  • I'm still not clear, are both of your laptops experiencing wired and wireless connection issues? What operating systems are running on both laptops? Have you followed all the setup steps in the installation manual for the 2350 router?
  • Both laptops operate Windows XP.  I directly connect to router because my wireless card is broken.  My roommate has to count on the wireless signal from rounter to surf the Internet.  So, when wireless does not work, she cannot but I can still surf on the Internet (connect ethernet I guess).
    I did follow every step on the manual to setup the Internet because I knew little of the network.  I tried to setup security code (assign password to allow specific person use my network) but I couldn't.  I then re-installed it, chose unsecure mode (unlocked), and finished all steps in my laptop (set as main) and my roommate's (set as wireless).
  • Okay, please correct me if I'm interpreting this wrong? You have two laptops in your home, one yours, the other your roommate's. You have your laptop connected to the router via ethernet cable and the TCP/IP settings for IP and DNS addresses set to automatic. Your roommate's laptop is configured wirelessly to the router and her TCP/IP settings set to fixed IP and DNS addresses within the range covered by the router. Your laptop connects to the internet just fine. However, your roommate's laptop cannot connect to the internet, because of issues obtaining a valid IP address...Have I got this right, so far?
    If, I am correct? First, what you need to do is to set your roommate's TCP/IP settings back to automatic. Then, power cycle the network.(power everything off > wait 5 mins. > power on modem > wait 2 mins. > power on router > wait another 2 mins. > power on laptops. Check to see if you have internet connection on roommate's laptop? Post back results?
  • Yes, you are basically right.  My roomate's laptop used to be setup as AUTOMATIC.  Last time I just helped her change to configured wirelessly to the router and her TCP/IP settings set to fixed IP and DNS addresses within the range covered by the router because she had no access to the Internet with old settings.
    Thanks for providing a practical way to make it work.  My roommate now has the Internet, but it is not always promising--this method approximately fail one time per month.  Actually, I just had tried very similar way you mentioned before I posted this question.  I also let modem and router cool down for a whole day, but the method still failed.  The Internet was not available that night, but it recovered the next day--I changed the settings back to AUTOMATIC before sleep that night.
    My Dell Wireless 2350 is only about 2 months old, I don't think it should drop signal crazy.  I also let them cool down for a whole day, it shouldn't because of overheat (I power off modem and router every a couple of weeks or whenever the wireless drops again).  Do you think the problem may result from my roommate's network card?                 
  • Actually, that was going to be my next question... When did you last update the driver file for the wireless card, on her laptop? Also, to aid in troubleshooting this further, on your roommate's computer; click Start > Run > type cmd in window > at cursor type ipconfig/all > hit enter, then copy and paste results in to a txt file, then copy, paste it in to a reply for this post?
  • The last time my roommate updated her wireless card was last summer.  She saw a small window popped up noticing her for new patch/version (?), so she clicked to update it.  She never updates her drive file for the wireless card manually. 
    I don't know how to paste a photo or insert a document at here (function INSERT A IMAGE above requires URL.....), please see below figures:
    Connection-specific DNS Suffix:  router
    Description:                                   Intel(R) Pro/Wireless 2200BC Wireless Network Connection
    Physical Address:                        00-0E-35-29-1A-C1
    Dhcp Enabled:                              Yes
    Autoconfiguration Enabled:        Yes
    IP Address:                         
    Subnet Mask:                      
    Default Gateway:                
    Dhcp Server:                       
    DNS Servers:                      
    Lease Obtained:                           09/15/07 12:10:23 pm
    Lease Expired:                              09/16/07 12:10:23 pm
    Ethernet Adapter:                          Media Disconnected
    Description:                                   Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC
    Physical Address:                         00-11-2F-A5-16-FB
  • Again, not clear on whether you do/do not have the current driver installed for your roommates wireless card? Also, check your Messages?(Little orange/yellow envelope at top of your forum page)