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Inspiron 1501XP - setting up wireless laptop

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Inspiron 1501XP - setting up wireless laptop

  • Wonder if help is at hand. Have an Inspiron 1501 with Wins XP OS. Trying to set up laptop for internet can somebody please advise what type of router to use if have an existing Tower PC also running WinsXP and uses a Motorola Surfboard 4100 cable modem with broadband access by USB connection.  I'm assuming it is a router I need and not an access point box! Confused new user.
    Has the following as wireless card. 
    Dell™ Wireless 1390 802.11b/g Mini-PCI Card (for AMD Processors) installed
    Await to here back from anybody who can assist me. SCRich44
  • I am having the same problem.  I already have a dimension 4700 desktop and a wireless network in my home.  I have a Westell VersaLink Model 327 router and I have Verizon broadband. 
    My desktop is connected wirelessly, but I cannot get my Inspiron 1501 to obtain an IP address.  It can access the internet when it is hard-wired, but it cannot access it wirelessly.  My laptop has a Dell Wireless 1390 WLAN mini-card
    I also have a iMac laptop that I bring home from work that works just fine on the wireless network....please help. 
    I just bought this computer two days ago!  I am very frustrated.
  • First you need a broadband internet connection (cable or dsl) with a cable or dsl modem that has the capability of connecting by ethernet (cable or dsl modems that can only connect by USB will not work).

    Next you will need a wireless router. Wireless routers have 4 ports that will connection of up to 4 computers by wired ethernet. It would be preferable that you connect any computers in the same room as the cable/dsl modem and router by wired ethernet. In that case any computer that is located within easy reach of the router and modem will only need an ethernet network card.

    Then, any computer you want to connect by wireless will need a wireless network card. If you are not sure whether or not your computers have wireless network cards, check Device Manger under Network Adapters.

    There is really no need to get a wireless router that advertises high speed, unless you are frequently transferring large files between computers on the local network. The standard 802.11g speed routers are much faster than a cable or dsl internet connection, so the higher speed would be wasted with the higher speed routers.

    Once your network is setup, you can share any printer connected to any computer on the network, so long as the computer to which it is attached and the printer are powered on.

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  • I have the broadband internet connection (DSL) that is capable of connecting to via ethernet.  Two days ago, I could access the internet when the laptop was wired to the connection but not when it was "wireless".  Last night, I tried to get on the internet to download software from Dell or Verizon, but I could not connect either way (wired or wireless).  Now, my desktop is not can identify the access point, but it cannot connect to the internet.
    I was wondering if I should go out and replace my Westell 372W modem/router and get something else to use with my Verizon DSL....any thoughts?
  • Power down everything and let it sit idle for about 5 minutes, and thenpower up in this order waitng about 3 minutes between each,
  • not to sound stupid, do I power up the modem before the router?  I was under the impression that my Westell 327W was a combo modem/router.
  • You can not.  Just power down and power back up the combo.
  • Thanks jmwills, looks like I need to change over what I was originally advised to purchase.  Can you suggest any good broadband routers to work with motorola surfboard 4100 original NTL cable modem obviously some years old now but works ok with my PC tower set up and I'd like this to carry on working as it does on it's own with no problems.
    Some people suggestion Netgear or Belkin equipment. There are so many choices out there. PC World are currently offering a package at £99.99 to purchased, install at home and ensure everything else works is this a good option or are they just that to sell the product.
    I do have Basic Lite 1yr at home service purchased recently from Dell when I bought my new Inspiron 1501 XP laptop, would they be able help. I thinking they only would if I bought one of their routers and they are cheap.
    A confused new user.
  • Trya total reset on that unit first.  There should be a button on the back to reset it, which means you will have no encryption so remove any from the card also.
    try that first.
  • Thank you for your help...after spending 1 hour on the phone with a Verizon tech support rep from the Phillipines, it seems that my laptop and desktop are back up in working order....lots of trouble resulting from the electrical storm in my area Tues nite triggered many issues with my network and wireless setup.
    I appreciate your willingness to help me!:smileywink: