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Have to reset my broadband modem a lot ... why?

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Have to reset my broadband modem a lot ... why?

  • My internet connection dies frequently. All the lights on the modem are fine but for some reason the connection drops and I can no longer surf the web or use Azureus. If I power off the modem and power it back on again the connection comes back up ... sometimes after repairing the connection, sometimes I don't need to repair it. I have to do it as often as every couple hours but sometimes the connection lasts a couple days. I have noticed this almost exclusively happens when I have Azureus running or another bittorrent client.  Any advice? My computer is an XPS 410 with Windows Vista. I am directly connected to the broadband modem. When I originally set up my computer I was planning on having another computer on the internet connection and using a router so I set all this up but decided against it and directly connected the modem to the computer. Could this be causing some sort of conflict? How can I fix it?
  • Most modems have a statistics page that will tell you something about what is going on and to help you troubleshoot situations like these. Have you tried to access that?

    You also need to differentiate between networking problems between the computer and modem and DSL/cable connection problems.

    Here are common DSL problems:

    1. noisy line (e.g. loose connections in the wiring)
    2. interference from fluorescent lamps
    3. hardware problems (your modem or the modem on the other end)

    If you have cable, that is another issue.

    Do you have a different modem you can try?

  • Where would I be able to find the statistics page and what should I be looking for? I have a cable modem. I recently replaced the previous one because I thought that was the source of the problems but unfortunately I have the same problems with the new one as the old one. So that made me believe it had something to do with my computer settings. I am a novice when it comes to looking at the connection setting and am unsure what to even look for.
  • I honestly don't know that much about cable connections (always had DSL). Most (many) DSL modems let you connect to them at (or something similar).

    If you have swapped the modem, then it seems unlikely the modem is the problem.

    Make sure it is not the NIC or the cable between the modem and the computer. If you are using the "repair" option to get your connection back, that is not a modem problem.

    How do you get an IP address? From the modem or is it fixed?

    Did you check the link lights on both the computer and modem?

    Did you try another cable?

    How about an updated driver for the NIC?

  • You have a Windows machine connected directly to a cable modem with no router in between?
  • Just curious as to why you asked that jmwills . Mine is connected that way.
  • Because you have no hardware firewall between you and the internet, only a software firewall which can easily enough be shut down by a bot or script.
    Your machine is open to the internet.
  • I had the same problem with cable broadband (RoadRunner then Comcast) eventho I use a router. I sometimes had to reset my router several times a day and many times had to reset the router and the cable modem. Dropped Comcast (cable) and returned to DSL. Resetting problems have virtually ceased. It does still, occasionally, happens; but, no where near as often.