Dell Latitude D820 wwan + wlan card question

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Networking, Internet, Wireless
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Dell Latitude D820 wwan + wlan card question

  •  I have a Dell Latitude D820.
    It has a WLAN card in it.
    I need to install a mobile broadband card
    There is a separate slot for each card.
    There is a seperate set of cables to connect to the mobile broadband card.
    So both cards are connested via 4 cables (2 cables each main + antenna)

    Do I or should I remove the WLAN card or can I safely keep it connected?
  • You do not need to remove the WLAN card. Each card should have 2 cables.

  • Dell-G..thank you for the info........
  • I have just received the Dell Wireless 5505 Mobile Broadband 3G minicard, and installed it in my D820 (next tot the wlan card). However, there is only one connector on the wwan card, while there two cables going to the card (a black/grey and a white/gray cable). Which of the two cables do I need to connect to the wwan card?
    Kind regards,
    Enno van der Velde
    Leiden University Medical Center, Cardiology
  • Check out this link.