Machine did not allow IP address to be claimed

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Networking, Internet, Wireless
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Machine did not allow IP address to be claimed

  • I'll readily admit that I know nothing about networks. I'm receiving this on my laptop. There appears to be no problems with the other computers on the network.

    All computers are running XP Pro. The network is wireless.

    "The name "JAMES :0" could not be registered on the Interface with IP address The machine with the IP address did not allow the name to be claimed by this machine.

    This message has been appearing from time to time in Event Viewer since February. However, now there are hundreds of these messages. It seemed to get worse after the motherboard had been replaced.

    The symptoms on the laptop are that it takes for ever to download https pages and the rest of the connections are plain slow.

    I have Googled the message and have found about as many solutions as there are contributors.

    I have a feeling that there is one solution that will cure this once and for all...

    Any help appreciated, but please go lightly on the tech side - as I say, as far as explaining networks to me is concerned, it's like explaining Einstein's theory to Trobiand Islanders.

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  • I have not heard of this specific error, but is your ethernet cable connected when you receive this error msg?  I am only guessing, but if the ethernet is used AND the wireless is NOT disabled - you can easily have a dual network connection to the internet...  perhaps this is the problem.  1 PC "JAMES :0" & 2 connections..
  • The set up is 2 desktops and a laptop - they are all wireless. The modem is a cable modem on Desktop 1.

    The modem has power and cable in and USB and ethernet cable to the router.

    Under Microsoft Windows Network, there is the 1st desktop, the laptop and an unknown PC called PSCB230a - A message says I cannot access this latter unit.

    I cannot see 'James'.

    Keep the brain cells working, I'm stuck.
  • Please explain this setup.  In particular, why is there both a USB cable and an ethernet cable involved in this setup and why is a computer connected to the modem?  You should only have computers connected to the router through either the LAN ports on the router or by wireless.   The only thing that should be connected to the modem is the router and it should be connected by an ethernet cable.
  • My apologies, I can only assume that networks have reduced my IQ by 20 points that I can ill-afford.

    In daylight and my glasses... I see that the USB cable is not USB - it is an Ethernet cable.

    So the real set-up on the main desktop is
    Cable in to the modem
    Power to the modem
    Ethernet cable from modem to wireless router
    Power to the wireless router
    Ethernet cable from wireless router to computer.

    The wireless router then broadcasts to the laptop and the computer called 'James'

    'James' has internet connectivity.

    Microsoft Windows network on Desktop 1 shows
    1. itself
    2. Pscb230a (not named by me or anyone else I know) which is inaccessible
    3. the laptop.
    4. James

    Microsoft Windows network on laptop shows
    1. itself
    2. Pscb230a (not named by me or anyone else I know) which is inaccessible
    3. the Desktop 1
    4. James

    Microsoft Windows network on 'James' shows

    1. itself
    2. The laptop
    3. Pscb230a (not named by me or anyone else I know) which is inaccessible
    4. the Desktop 1
  • Do you have security (WEP or WPA encryption) enabled on the router?  If not, try securing your network and see if the computer named Pscb230a drops of the network and the error messages go away.