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1350 Card trouble and Dell WLAN Card Utility won't launch

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1350 Card trouble and Dell WLAN Card Utility won't launch

  • Hello,

    We have a one issue that seems to be
    narrowed down to 2 different sources.
    I'm on my Aunt's machine, Inspiron 1150.
    With a Wireless 1350 WLAN MiniPCI Card
    with driver(?)version in
    Add and Remove Programs, but the
    System Properties says
    from 11-2-2005.

    We have a Comcast cable connection,
    and use a Linksys WRT54G Wireless Router.

    Would the R140747.EXE 52 MB
    Release Date: 11/15/2006
    update work on this machine, the 1150 is
    not listed in the compatibility list?

    The machine will see our wireless network,
    but a WiFi connection cannot be established.

    The Dell Wireless WLAN Card Utility will NOT
    launch from the Start menu or the System tray.

    How do I uninstall, and reinstall,
    or restore the Utility, etc?

    I just cleaned cleared the machine of spyware
    and a couple of viruses.
    Perhaps I damaged it myself, I don't know.

  • I had almost that same problem recently, I was never able to successfully connect to a wireless network with the 1350 mini pci card.  i eventually got fed up and went to best buy geek squad who figured out that dell sold me a wireless card that didn't work (also sold me a ethernet card, and hard drive, but thats another story...i got a lemon of a laptop).  So i bought a new wireless card and it works slick, no problems at all.  it was a ~$65 fix.
    if you try it and it doesn't fix your problem, you can bring the new wireless card back to best buy for a refund, i asked them that specifically when I was doing this.  Hope it helps. 
  • hi there,
              well the driver is compatable with the system ie dell 1150 . so u can go ahead and download it to the system. i think one u install the driver that shoudl resolve ur issue.
  • Hi Tracey,

    The warranty is passed, the laptop is over a year old.

    Otherwise I'd say that would be a good idea.

    As far as I know the 1350 card was working before.
    And I'm pretty sure the Utility application worked before.

  • Yes I think I will try that, thanks for the encouragement.
    Does anyone have any other insights about that?

  • No the R140747 is not for the 1350 card.
    You will have more problems if you install this driver. Please go to Drivers and Downloads and enter your service tag and operating system and download the correct driver. Also, you need to go to Add/Remove Programs and uninstall the driver before installing the current driver.
  • Thanks for that clarification Gina,

    I've got kinda turned around and confused
    about which order I should do this.

    So to spell it out, I should:

    1) uninstall the driver via Add/Remove

    2) then re-install this updated driver

    R115321.EXE 48 MB
    Release Date: 6/23/2006

    3) Then
    what do I do if the
    Dell Wireless WLAN Card Utility
    still doesn't work?

    Or if the machine sees the available
    wifi network, but still cannot connect
    to it?

    I know this is kinda basic,
    but I've tried a lot of things already,
    (now I see how mistakenly so)
    I just want to be as clear as possible
    to not have to spend more hours on it.

    Thanks again,
  • Yes that is all correct except I'd reboot after uninstalling the driver from add/remove programs and before installing the updated driver.