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URGENT DRIVER UPDATE - Wireless 1350, 1370, 1390, 1450, 1470, 1490, 1500

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URGENT DRIVER UPDATE - Wireless 1350, 1370, 1390, 1450, 1470, 1490, 1500

  • All right here's the driver that we've been asking for.
    When you click on the link you can scroll to the bottom to see a list of Fixes and Enhancements. Besides the items listed, this driver will also resolve the Belkin Pre-N issue with the Dell Draft-N card (DW1500). It also address the security flaw reported in the Broadcom Drivers.
    This is an URGENT UPDATE
    Driver - v.4.100.15/, A10

    <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

    File Name: R140747
    If you update to this dirver please let us know if it fixed your issue. You can either post the results here or on the thread that you've been posting on.

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  • Thanks Gina,
    Dell had a great response time on this issue.  I'm sure people will feel a lot better about public hotspots now :)
    For all the people who didn't want to install the linksys driver because they were concerned it would be different:
    Linksys driver SHA1:  0848999093b7eb1671582627476e2d5e4373b080
    Dell driver SHA1:         0848999093b7eb1671582627476e2d5e4373b080
    This said, the card will show up with the correct name now and the dell package should be much easier to install

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  • Gina - after installing the update, and then looking at the driver details, it still shows file version of BCMWL5.SYS. Shouldn't it show a newer file version if it's been updated?
  • Yes, the driver should be  I would try running the update again and restarting.  If that doesn't work, you should update the drivers manually.
    To do this, you'll need to extract the 'Driver' folder from within the archive.  Most archive tools like winzip, 7-zip, or winrar should be able to do this.  Alternatively, you can run the update which should extract the files to C:\DELL\drivers\R140747\DRIVER .
    Enter device manager (right-click 'my computer' and click 'properties,' click the 'Hardware' tab, and then click 'Device Manger.' 
    Expand 'Network Adapters' by clicking the plus sign next to it.  Locate your wireless network adapter, right-click it, and choose 'update drivers..."
    If asked if windows can connect to Windows Update, choose "no, not this time." and click next
    Choose "Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)" and click next.
    Choose "Don't search, I will choose the driver to install" and click next.
    Click "Have Disk..." and  navigate to  C:\DELL\drivers\R140747\DRIVER  or wherever you manually extracted the drivers to. Click ok, click next, and follow all prompts.
    You should only do this if you have a Dell branded wireless card with a broadcom chipset.  Intel cards need not apply 

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  • Quick note when I updated for the 1500 draft n it will now only connect at 54 rather than 270 with my netgear 834 router.  Before it would connect at 270 but would consistently lose connection.  Is there a setting that I'm missing in the new driver to allow 270 draft n connection?
  • BTW...
    When the upgrade works...the card is now listed as:
    Broadcom 801.11n Network Adapter
    The Dell part is gone...
  • It looks like the reference driver straight from broadcom bundled with the utility.  Give dell credit for getting it out so quickly.  I'm sure there will be another fix later for cosmetic changes and the like.
    As for the post regarding N speeds, check the driver properties (right click the connection, status, properties, configure, advanced) .  I don't have an N card, but there should be settings there that might be relevant.  You can likely also access many of these settings via the utility.
  • If you don't find a setting try uninstalling all network adapters from add/remove programs then reinstall. Then let me know.
  • IBSS mode has an option to indicate "802.11 a/b/g/n Auto" but it appears that is has to do with "ad hoc" connections.  Under Band preference or Bandwidth Capability only a/b/g are listed.  Am I missing something or has this driver omitted the draft n connection?
  • IBSS is definitely ad hoc.  I will load this driver on my USR card when I get home tonight and see what's there. 
  • I just did some testing and it appears that the ability to connect draft-n to a netgear 834 has been disabled.  The old driver connects right up at 270 and the new driver at 54.  I tried this multiple times.  I double checked all the driver settings, they are identical.  I would be curious to know if the new driver will connect to a linksys draft-n at 270?
  • Can you tell me if you are testing the speed directly to the router or the speed online?
    Is the belkin router using an atheros chipset?  I could see broadcom locking the speed at 54mbps if there were compatibility issues.
  • Directly to the router as reported by the dell wireless tool and windows xp.  On another post "Wireless 1500 timeline" it appears that the linksys drivers, which this appears to be identical to, were written for a broadcom ...49 instead of ...48 chipset and will only connect at 54?
    This is what I mentioned:
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    I realized I mentioned the Netgear WN511T (Marvell TopDog chipset) card earlier. I actually meant WN511B (Broadcom IntensiFi chipset). Sorry about any confusion there.

    At any rate, both the Linksys and Netgear products using the Broadcom chipset seem to be using the BC 4329 as opposed to the BC 4328 that Dell is using. When I grabbed the drivers from these cards, I could connect at 54mbps but not at 802.11n speeds.

    Apple does seem to be using the Broadcom 4328 chipset in their new iMacs, but these drivers are wrapped up inside of Boot Camp and cannot be easily obtained.11-13-200610:34 PM

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