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bluetooth icon missing from my taskbar

  • when i check mt bluetooth settings it tells me its is stopped and to click on the icon to start it, but i no longer see the icon in the taskbar, how can i fix this?
  • try right clicking your taskbar and uncheck hide inactive icons.
  • I just downloaded and installed R115564.EXE. The installation removed my desktop and taskbar icons and also removed the Bluetooth Information entry in my Start --> Programs list.

    I have a XPS M170 running Windows Media Center.
  • well i had been doing some system restoring so i guess in that process the bluetooth got lost, the dumb part is that you can enable it but still not have it on unless that icon is present. So i deleted the bluetooth, rebooted, reinstalled driver..and wow there it is.
    if you installed something that made matters worse then just do a system restore to a date prior to the install and you will be back in action.