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Latitude D510 - Bluetooth

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Latitude D510 - Bluetooth

  • Kindly tell me if Dell Latitude D510 has got a Bluetooth, and if it has got one, how do I turn its switch on - so that its icon would light on? 
  • Better to post this in a Latitude forum--general hardware. All computers lately have the bluetooth icon but it doesn't come with it unless you order it and pay extra.
  • Thanks for the message. I would find time to buy one.
  • how do I turn on my bluetooth on I no clue on what to do
  • Usually, it gets turned on when you toggle the Fn+F2 key combination (just like wireless LAN).  You should be able to enable the bluetooth radio  by right-clicking the bluetooth icon in the system tray as well.  If it isn't showing up anywhere in Windows, make sure it is enabled in the BIOS (F2 at the Dell splash screen just after powering on the computer).


    [edit -- moving to the networking/wireless forum now so more people with the problem can see the answers ;)]

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