Why do I need Intel Proset installed?

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Why do I need Intel Proset installed?

  • Why do I need Intel Proset if Windows Xp Sp2 controls it anyway? I have it uninstalled and it works fine.
  • you don't, I don't and windows works the wifi just fine.
  • ProSet gives you some extra monitoring capability.  Also works with more cisco extentions I think.  Can be useful at times (as can the wired version of ProSet) but generally I agree that it's not needed.
  • Hi
    Even if you have Dell proset installed, you can just disable it and choose the option to let Windows manage your wireless adaptor.
    Or would this still cause problems?
  • you can disable. might as well uninstall though

  • Kevin210 wrote:
    Why do I need Intel Proset if Windows Xp Sp2 controls it anyway? I have it uninstalled and it works fine.

    ProSet has some additional features that are critical for some users (but not most home users).

    For example, I think the Intel PRO/Wireless cards controlled by PRO/Set are one of the only non-Cisco wireless solutions that can communicate with access points secured by Cisco LEAP. (Common in corporate environments, essentially nonexistent in home networks.)
  • This is what I found in Windows Task Manager. Programs loaded in memory..

    1XConfig.exe Intel Proset 8021XConfig Module

    EvtEng.exe log wireless ? part of Intel proset
    RegSrvc.exe part of Intel Proset do I need this?

    NicConfigSvc.exe Internal Network Card Power Management Service

    S24EvMon.exe again part of Intel Proset

    scardsvr.exe Smart Card Win Xp service.. don't need it

    wdfmgr.exe part of Windows Media Player v10!. We are using version 9
    renmae to wdfmgr.old

    WLKEEPER.EXE again part of Intel Proset

    ZCfgSvc.exe part of Intel Proset?? yes it is.

    dlg.exe used with modem don't need Digital Line Monitor?

    All these programs were loaded into memory. Now they arn't. Get rid of these programs freed up a lot of system memory.

    wireless is running fine. Now I'm upgrading the laptop with 1 gig memory kit (2 x 512meg).
  • Kevin210 - enough said - I'm about to uninstall it after reading your last post!

    I have now removed the software and only installed the drivers for the network card. The wireless adaptor has been recognised and installed in device manager. Is this all I need to do?

    Im looking for a wireless router now (the Netgear WPNT834 was useless with the 3945ABG adaptor). Do you have any recommendations as to which wireless router works with our adaptor best?


  • I've been using the Linksys WRT54G Wireless-G 2.4 GHZ for umm a couple years? I think. No problem.

    Very easy to install.
  • Hi
    Ive been looking at that model also, or the new GS version. Now I know it works ok I think I'll go ahead!
    Thanks mate