Error: Another wireless network utility is communicating with intel PRO/Wireless adaptor

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Error: Another wireless network utility is communicating with intel PRO/Wireless adaptor

  • When Windows starts up, the Wireless Network dosent get enabled automatically.
    I see the following error message in the Inter(R) PROSet/wireless :
    "Another wireless network utility is communicating with intel PRO/Wireless adaptor. To avoid
    conflicts, Intel's profile management features have been temporarily disabled"
    Can some one suggest what is the fix for this problem?
  • Windows is managing the wireless network.   To change this, open the Intel Proset Utility and find the option to let the Proset Utility manage the network. 
  • Although I UnChecked "Use Widnows to configure my wireless network settings", I still get the same message, "Another wireless network utility is communicating with intel PRO/Wireless adaptor .."


    Please help.. 

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  • This same problem stopped for me with the 10.5.0 software update. Unfortunately there is a memory leak in the s24evmon.exe service in the new software so that is worse.  Wait for the update greater than 10.5.0.
  • Sorry my intel pro/wireless still has the same issue under and I also do not have the Windows XP wireless enabled.  As a matter of fact, I have the windows wireless zero config service disabled. 
  • I had Version 10.1... factory installed on my system. I downloaded the recent update 10.5... from the Drivers and Downloads site. I ran the new install over the previous install and the problem seems fixed.
    But I could not find the real reason for the problem. I tried all those like you did, unckeck the Windows to Manage Wi-Fi, Disabled windows Wi-Fi service etc..

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  • I thought mine was fixed because I didn't see it happen that is why I posted yesterday, but this morning I saw the same message.  As for, the s24evmon.exe service from intel has a memory leak (confirmed to me by email from intel).  You can see it if you start Task Manager and look at the processes tab for s24evmon.exe the memory will climb and the "virtual memory" (you may need to add this column to see it) will really climb over time.  Mine used over 200 meg of ram after a couple of days.
  • Yes, I am seeing this memory leak.
  • Why not just uninstall Intel Proset? Windows is handling the wireless so why do you need Intel Proset?
  • Typically I do use windows tools as I don't like to add overhead, but I have been using the pro set software and like the profile funcionality and the statistics, signal strength, etc. Most obvious is the signal strength indicator in the task bar.  With windows you need to mouse over it to check your signal strength.    Since the memory leak I have been considering removing the intel software to try windows software with this card.  Just haven't taken the time.  I have not found a good comparision of the windows zero config and the intel software and haven't done the analysis myself.
  • MMready, I have the same problem on a new laptop. Did instaling the new drivers for Proset fix the problem permanantly. There is a new driver released 9/16 which fixes memory leak too. Since once I open proset software  I can connect well I do not want to add a new driver and make things worse. I had also disabled windows wireles utilities to no avail.
  • Also did you download drivers from Dell's site?
  • I decided to let windows handle it and it now works perfectly. Why bother with Intel's bugs. Just right clickintel tray icon and select windows to manage your wifi and everything is fine.End of story